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The former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach was “just coming to a game, to be honest” on Monday, said Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who also indicated “That may change.”

Veteran play-by-play broadcaster will fill in on TV for Joe Davis and on radio for Charley Steiner, who will work a reduced schedule in 2019. Steiner gets a contract extension through 2021.

On Wednesday, the Fed is set to announce its fourth rate hike of the year. But after this week, no one is sure what it will do.

During the holidays, some estimate Americans increase overall waste by 25 percent. Given that food waste is the number one component of our waste stream, it can be daunting to determine how much food...

With home prices and mortgage rates expected to continue to rise, affordability could be a growing concern for homebuyers in 2019.

Minou - Threading and Waxing
Valerie - Massage
Evelyn - Hair
Ashley T - Hair
Rachael - Hair
Sloan - Hair

Think you have what it takes to be the next big star? Come try out your act on the World Famous Laugh Factory stage on the historical Sunset Strip where big-time comedians like Jim Carey, the Wayans Bros., Jamie Foxx and many others got their start! The first ten people in line will perform two minute sets. Ten additional lottery spots will also be available to attendees for each show. The road to stardom starts on our stage!
Featuring comedians to be announced.

(Posted on Dec 13, 2018)
While Aunt Ida always enjoys your holiday newsletter in the snail mail, it might be time to shake things up like a snow globe this year. Ho, ho, hold the postage and check out these ways to send out holiday greetings the green way. Full story…
(Posted by TC Clark on Dec 10, 2018)
Some people think it’s tacky to give a gift that was once given to them, but from an economic and environmental standpoint, it makes…

‘Tis the season of retail rush, and many businesses require a helping hand at this time of year. Temporary and contract roles can be easy solutions to many [roblems, but for recruiters, can sometimes be a difficult thing to get right. What are the problems, benefits, and solutions when hiring for temporary roles? We take you through everything you need to know…