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Chicago-style is a city treasure, but it’s rarely associated with healthy eating. Read a guide to how you can try to achieve a healthier hot dog.

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni: What is the difference between a “Medicare Supplement” and a “Medicare Advantage PPO” plan? I am turning 65 and the marketing material, I am being bombarded with absolutely puzzles me. Friends have informed me that a PPO plan is the same as a supplement because both have a network of doctors to …

New research gives some biological clues to why women may be more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's disease and how this most common form of dementia varies by sex.

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Breathe in comfort and balance throughout your home with the scent of Grounded in a candle. Made using all soy wax from the midwest, and metal-free cotton and paper wicks. Our 12 oz. soy candles are hand poured in small batches, and burn for approximately 75 hours.

How do you balance beneficial time in the sun with skin cancer prevention? Sunscreen, shade and long sleeves. Discover more healthy tips.

Choose Your Mood We say it all the time: Choose Your Mood. Moods are such a beautiful thing, and choosing your mood is the perfect balance of freedom and containment. When you recognize the power within you to choose your outlook, the phrase becomes a power source of living your best life.

Epidurals are the most common — and misunderstood — pain management tools for childbirth.

Pulmonary nodules are quite common and usually not cancer. Find out what they mean, how they’re found and next steps.

More than half of people over the age of 65 in the U.S. have them. Learn the causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Medicare election periods can be tricky, so it’s important to understand them and what you can and can’t do during those windows.

More than one-third of people with brain tumors develop seizures. Learn about the connection and why comprehensive care is key.

Bug bites are no fun, and they tend to increase in summer with so much time spent outside. Don’t let these 5 insects bug you with this helpful infographic.

Medical exams and procedures can be scary, especially for children. A child life specialist offers five tips for parents.

Heart-healthy activities can be fun for the whole family this summer. Here’s a to-do list you’ll actually enjoy finishing, with a little help from Northwestern Medicine.

Heather Goralski, 24, and her sister Bethany, 25, decided to honor their late father by each donating a kidney to a stranger. So far, 10 people have participated in the chain of kidney donations, with five donating and five receiving new kidneys.