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Inmate DyQuan Washington, like a wayward wisp of smoke, left his Rikers Island cell and disappeared in the wind. His mom feared her mentally ill son had somehow died after his April 13 departure from the jailhouse, and she began making phone calls with some trepidation.

Defending the right of Facebook users to share lies, the CEO of the social media behemoth confused falsehoods devised to attack and denigrate people on the basis of their basic defining human qualities with all other types of misinformation, from mistakes to conspiracy theories.

Ernest Hemingway earned many of the world’s prizes for literature while daring death.

President Trump's schedule shows lack of intelligence briefings amid uproar over praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Two luminaries in the democratic socialist movement — one its national leader, the other its new star — are descending on solidly Republican Kansas on Friday, taking their emboldened liberal message to an unlikely testing ground before next month's congressional primaries.

The Boss's intimate-one man show, "Springsteen on Broadway," is coming to Netflix.