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These are the top 10 left handed products based on orders on the Anything Left-Handed website over the past year. General purpose scissors 216mm / 8.5 in. (code 259) Fully left-handed scissors with moulded black plastic grip and reversed blades. They are 8.5 inch (215mm) overall length with sharp stainless steel blades. Stabilo 's Move Easy rollerball pen, left-handed (code 531) The funky pen that looks the part, writes like a dream and is great fun to use. Unusually, the pen has been…

Does digital eyestrain cause lasting damage to children's eyes? Should your child use reading glasses or computer glasses?

Sitting all day is linked to harmful effects of our overall health, and it can actually cause and/or worsen many back or neck problems. Take action now so you won’t fall victim to "sitting disease".

Ann Arbor is seeking the public's input for potential changes to a portion of Seventh Street that would involve removing on-street parking.

The sun is shining! 'Tis the season for fun and adventure! From festivals to fireworks, beach to boating escapades - sunglasses are the ideal accessory - Summer shades

If you have trouble fitting in your workout during the day, get it done before you leave the house. Set your alarm 10 minutes early and do this workout!

In the heat of the summer, most people remember to put on a bit of sunscreen before they head outdoors. However, what some people may neglect to protect are their

It's that time of year again! We're excited to invite you to participate in our 21st Annual Athletes Unlimited Golf Outing on Monday, August 13, 2018, at Oak Pointe Country Club in Brighton. This is our yearly fundraiser to benefit Athletes Unlimited, Dr. Pierce's non-profit organization. We hope you're able to play in this year's golf outing or if you're not available, we'd appreciate you forwarding this to your contacts who play golf or may be interested in donating
Athletes Unlimited is a…

If colors now seem muted, faded or yellowed and lack the vibrancy they once had, you may have cataracts. Here is everything you need to know about cataracts.

The eye doctors at Suburban Eye Care offer a wide range of vision services, including ocular diseases management, emergency eye care & eye exams in Livonia, MI.

Are Transitions® lenses right for you? Learn more about Transitions® lenses, available at Rx Optical.

Treating small cuts and scrapes is typically easy, but it is important to look for signs of infection and get medical center treatment if you see these signs.

Those in the morning camp proclaim the virtues of an aqua-shock to the system before their first cup of coffee, while fans of the p.m. cleanse swear the best way to unwind is by washing off the grime of the day.

Financial backing from Scottish Government trigger for growth
Investment secures long-term future for key 2 Sisters site with quality Scottish chicken for UK supermarkets
2 Sisters Food Group can announce a major investment into its Scottish Coupar Angus plant following funding from the Government-backed Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation Grant Scheme
More than 250 new jobs will be created as a result and the business can…

Researchers believe they have pinpointed why hunger can lead to anger.

Have you fallen into bad habits when brushing your teeth? Find out how not to brush your teeth and get easy fixes to keep your smile healthy.

Do you know someone who would be a perfect fit to work at ATI?Adding new talent in key markets is critical to achieving our goals to deliver remarkable patient care and make a difference in the lives of others.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published its six month review for 2 Sisters, which is also opening its doors to the public to promote the poultry industry. This comes following the news in Sep…