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This course examines the evolving views of women’s psychic development and roles in society from multiple perspectives. The work of Freud, Deutsch, Horney, Bonaparte, Klein, Jacobson, Thompson, Chodorow, Gilligan, and other contemporary authors will be considered. (Elective for All Programs 3-cr) Thursday | 7:20-9:40pm GPSA810 The Psychoanalytic View of Women /Lazar (Main) Related

This course explores how the fetus to adult relates and attaches. Psychic developments from the beginnings of life through the circumstances of birth, mother-infant bond, marriage and throughout all of life’s stages and in the consultation room are reviewed. The historical and contemporary works of theorists and practitioners are reviewed in relationship to attachment. (Elective …

Through continuing case presentations of three cases, students will apply attachment theories to practice. With the agreement of the training committee, this course can be selected as fulfilling the requirement for the clinical case course after four semesters of successful completion of clinical case coursework. (Certificate with approval in place of Clinical Case) Thursday | …

In the Electriq-Global system, liquid fuel reacts with a catalyst to release hydrogen from water. The spent fuel can be replenished for re-use.

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Last updated: Jan 30, 2017
By Carolyn Sayre for Summit Medical Group
Reviewed by Corey Smith, MD, FACEP, Director - SMG Emergency Medicine
Freezing temperatures, slippery sidewalks, and snow-filled driveways—every year these winter woes send nearly 200,000 Americans to the emergency room and are responsible for as many as 100 deaths. Here is how to keep you—and your family—safe from the most common cold weather hazards…

To Your Health: New Advancements in Diabetes Care
Last updated: Nov 14, 2018
As appears in: Montclair Local
Editor’s note: This series will be written by practitioners from Summit Medical Group on health-related topics. This month’s author is endocrinologist Dr. Alessia Roehnelt . She has specialized training in neck ultrasound aspirations and is an accomplished researcher in the field of Cushing’s disease. She enjoys cooking, staying…