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In Arkansas, qualifying veterans who are disabled are exempt from all state taxes on their homestead and personal property. But what exactly does the law entail? 11 Listens got answers.

Some of our military's greatest air weapons will be on display in what is expected to bring in a massive crowd.

What started with a few relatively small recalls has grown to include millions of pounds of ready-to-eat salads and premade food items at several big name retailers.

An Arkansas man accused of killing his dog by striking it three times in the head with a rock is facing a charge of felony animal cruelty.

Retired Sociology Professor, Dr. Terry Richard, said that's because the country is going through a cultural change and people are welcoming characters of different ethnicities.

Their dad dreamed of pitching his invention on 'Shark Tank,' but died three months before the show's taping after he was diagnosed with cancer related to his help in the cleanup at Ground Zero after Sept. 11.

Two people, including a 16-year-old boy, were injured in separate shootings in Little Rock on Sunday night, police said.

My role from now until election day will be to get Sierra Club members to help contact voters and educate them about our candidates.

The president’s claim that the caravan had been infiltrated was news to the Honduran migrants traveling north.

It was a nice two weeks of quiet in the tropics, wasn’t it? Unfortunately, that quiet is over. Over the weekend, Hurricane Willa rapidly intensified into a Category 4 beast that’s beelining for the Mexican coast. It will bring fierce winds, powerful surf, and rains that could trigger landslides.

That’s about as loaded a question as you can ask these days, isn’t it? Like many loaded questions, there is no one definitive answer. It’s easy to say, “Christians should vote their values and beliefs.” But what does that really look like? Perhaps you are pro-life. How does that play out at the voting booth? …

An Arkansas county temporarily closed most of its early voting sites after the Democratic nominee for secretary of state was left off the ballot, a glitch the candidate said left her in "sheer disbelief."

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Traditionally, this season is a time when many determine their philanthropic contributions for the year or budget for the next. The Arkansas Giving Guide was established in hopes of making those donation decisions a little easier.

Three recent books challenge the tech industry's myths of self-reliance and prescience.

The new ISTE Standards for Educational Leaders broaden the scope of digital citizenship education for students. Here are up-to-date resources to help librarians promote these skills.

Eliminating coal generation by 2028 and replacing it with nearly 2 GW of renewables will be cheaper than keeping the plants online or converting them to gas, says the Northern Indiana Public Service Co.

At least 20 percent of Arkansas counties reported to the federal government that they have no rapid rehousing programs, which place homeless people in houses as quickly as possible.

Today, environmental groups filed a petition for review in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit challenging a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rule designed to gut coal ash disposal regulations that provide environmental safeguards for communities living near toxic coal ash waste dumps.

The information contained here represents a variety of perspectives on a wide range of topics and is presented for informational purposes only. by AR Forestry Assoc.

North Little Rock police are investigating a nonfatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy, a public information officer said in an email.

We all need a level of intimacy – being able to talk, touch, hold hands, hug, kiss or even be sexual. For many disabled people, intimacy is something that they

We interview Sparsh Shah, a 15-year-old rapper with Brittle Bone Disease. He's a singer, songwriter and motivational speaker. He became famous for his cover of Eminem's song, Not Afraid, and has had a documentary made about his life. Find out more about Sparsh Shah in our interview.

Guides about why reasonable adjustments must be made to health services and adjustments which can help people with learning disabilities to access services.

Be inspired by Disability Horizons reader Julie, who has had her fair share of problems, but pushed through them to help others. She's now used her experinces with multiple disabilities to set up a charity to help others with a disability.