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Official site for Ben & Jerry's super premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and non-dairy. Peace, Love, & Ice Cream.

Whether you're throwing a birthday party or just getting together with friends, this old-fashioned ice cream social has it all, even a cherry on top.

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Ice cream recipes, tips for how to make ice cream, the best ice creams from around the country, and more.

It's only natural for people to be unable to differentiate frozen yogurt from ice cream. The two of them may look similar but frozen yogurt contains zero percent fat and is extremely good for health.

Frozen yogurt is generally healthier than ice cream, though not as healthy as regular yogurt because of its extremely high...

There are quite a few reasons why you should choose frozen yogurt over ice cream. One of the main reasons that people opt for frozen yogurt instead of traditional ice cream is the emphasis on health that comes from the use of milk instead of cream. While frozen yogurt can taste more tart than ice cream, it is lower in fat than ice cream because of the substitution of pure milk in the place of heavy cream. This emphasis on a treat that…

Located in historic New England town of Bedford, Burlington and Concord,
Massachusetts, Bedford Farms Ice Cream has been serving award winning
homemade ice cream since 1880.

It's time to separate the rocky roads from the mint chocolate chips.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. And ice cream is absolutely worth doing. So here’s how to get it right, from the choosing to the scooping to the spooning.

A delicious Lavender Rose Ice Cream recipe - smooth, rich, and creamy, with a dreamy lavender and rose floral flavor!

A fun and tasty dessert - a chocolate dipped ice cream taco!! So fun.

It’s America’s birthday, so let’s celebrate the right way: with some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Here are 10 star-spangled ways to make this Fourth the ice creamiest one yet.

Ice Cream made with real + natural ingredients, based in Brooklyn, NY.