Business to Business in Lincoln, NE

Want to be the most popular house on the block when it comes to trick-or-treating? Check out this list of everyone's favorite (and least favorite) Halloween treats.

Three young people died early Tuesday when the car they were riding in missed a stop sign and drove into the path of an oncoming SUV on U.S. 30 east

As Sears begins Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, here's a look back at the company's 130-year history.

A state senator and an Americans for Prosperity director in Nebraska, each on different sides of the Medicaid expansion ballot issue, debated Tuesday in front of business owners and members

The price of a six-pack in the U.S. could rise by $1 to $8 because of drought and heat. As one of the researchers says, it's "another way climate change will suck."

A 69-year-old Lincoln woman's condition has stabilized two days after she was injured by a fallen tree limb Sunday afternoon.

NPR's daily economics podcast, The Indicator, sets out to solve a market mystery: why has the price of Fritos gone up in the White House press corps vending machine, despite a decrease in the cost of corn?

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Attorney Alex Enyart (left) speaks with migrant workers in Cobden, Illinois. (Photo by Chad Davis for Harvest Public Media)
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Chad Davis for Harvest Public Media re not pretending to be a lawyer,” Ibañez Whitlock said.
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OCTOBER 15, 2018 (LINCOLN, NEB.) — September Gross Receipts: Tax Commissioner Tony Fulton reports that gross General Fund receipts for September were $566 million, which is 7.0% above the certified forecast of $529 million
• Gross Sales and Use
4.7% below forecast
September Tax Refunds: Tax refunds for September were $56 million, which is 13.3% below the certified forecast of $65 million.
September Net Receipts: Net…