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You know what’s annoying? When you mispronounce a word and some smug know-it-all snickers at you and corrects you. Grrrr. I hate that. Let’s try to address a few blind

Shark Week? In Nebraska? Seriously? On the surface, the idea of linking teaching, research and outreach from the landlocked University of Nebraska–Lincoln with Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week celebration is an eye roller. But, when you dive past quips about the Great Navy of Nebraska and our sea of prairie grasses, and you’ll find the concept isn’t so shallow.

Midsummer is the season of solitary wasps. These wasps are called solitary because they do not build large colonies like paper wasps or yellow jackets.

Shark Attack! Enjoy your next Shark Week veiwing party with a little music.

Stuffed grape leaves, baklava and Turkish coffee helped make up the Mediterranean spread of home-cooked foods, desserts and beverages that greeted guests in the newly opened Lincoln Mediterranean Market on

When Ashton Lambie is at the starting line of a high-stakes cycling race, he has a focus cultivated not only by training, but by a piano practice room.

John Els first picked up racquetball when he was 30. Now, 36 years later, he’s far from giving it up.

It is unclear whether Sasse, 46, will seek another six-year term in 2020, has his sights on a different position or is ready to abandon elective politics altogether.

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The Mission of Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc., is willing workers employed and community resources maximized.

The unique design of our Silver Grid Framed Wall Mirror will manage to stand out on your bedroom wall or home entry way. The silver grid look will catch any eye.

Books America’s Digital Army: Games At Work and War Robertson Allen Review from Michigan War Studies Review: “Robertson Allen convincingly demonstrates that America’s Army …