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A lot of things can change over 20 years, but in downtown Lima, there has been one constant, and that is Downtown Lima Inc.

Few things are as terrifying as sitting down in front of someone who will choose whether or not to hire you and could perhaps change the course of your entire life. 

See details for 105 Water St, Kalida, OH 45853, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bathrooms, 1216 Sq Ft., Price: $119,000, MLS#: 110949, Courtesy: REAL LIVING CCR, REALTORS, Provided by: Real Living

See details for 4765 N. Wapak Rd, Elida, OH 45807, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Full/1 Half Bathrooms, 2448 Sq Ft., Price: $239,500, MLS#: 110964, Courtesy: REAL LIVING CCR, REALTORS, Provided by: Real Living

What type of Disability Insurance should I have? Disability income insurance is a very simple product with some very complicated language inside of the contracts themselves. Having an agent capable of explaining this language to you, and what it means for you if you become disabled is important. Disability insurance is a risk management product …

Get information and resources for Alzheimer's and other dementias from the Alzheimer's Association.

Opioids like heroin and prescription pain pills are ravaging our communities. There are simple steps you can take to help protect your loved ones.

Please join Pastor Mike Spaulding as he continues to teach through the book of Mark in Mark 12:13-26 at Calvary Chapel of Lima Ohio.

By Erik Harden, BWC Public Information Officer Ralphie’s dream of getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas in the holiday classic “A Christmas Story” has become the stuff of legend. The constant re…

Presented by: Cythia Cooper, CIH
OBWC Division of Safety & Hygiene
Thousands of Ohio employers find value and workers’ compensation premium savings by actively participating in their local safety councils.

A key factor in employee safety that is often overlooked is the everyday behavior of employees. Employee behaviors have a direct impact on safety. Therefore, to improve safety, it is important to address employee behaviors. This methodology is referred to as behavior-based safety.

Ohio Workers Compensation Fraud- When filling out official paperwork that is ultimately submitted to a government agency, it’s really important to get the facts straight.

When people hear about disasters that have occurred, they often think something like that would never happen to them or where they live. That is the kind of mindset that can leave you unprepared and scrambling if a disaster were to strike—especially in the business world, where a disaster could set a business back many years.

Dr. Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-winning author and a medical doctor. She explains how an individual can determine how much sleep they actually need.

Please join Pastor Mike Spaulding as he continues to teach through the book of Mark in Mark 11:27-12:13 at Calvary Chapel of Lima Ohio.

The global market for retail biometrics is by all accounts in its early stages, and is significantly fragmented between regions. Retailers in Asia are testing biometric systems for retail payments …

I recently went from owning a 2008 vehicle, to leasing a 2018 vehicle. My insurance premium almost doubled. Melissa was amazing and did some shopping for me, and not only found a cheaper full coverage plan, but a plan that included renter's insurance! It was amazing. I even went back to her about a cheaper plan I found, she explained the differences and helped me make a great decision for my financial situation. I was in tears on the phone with her out…

When it comes to productivity, we all face the same challenge -- there are only 24 hours in a day. Since even the best ideas are worthless until they're executed, how efficiently you use your time is as important as anything else in business
I've become fascinated by productivity secrets because some people seem to have twice the time, and there's no better way to reach your goals than by finding ways to do more with the precious time you've been given.

The term employee engagement first appeared as a concept in management theory in the 1990s. Employee engagement refers to employees who are absorbed and enthusiastic about their work. This type of engagement engenders the sort of positive action from employees that are interested in promoting and furthering their company’s reputation and interests
It is meant to encourage excitement about the job being done and to stimulate…