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Call them dinosaur-brains or Neanderthals, there are people in every business who live to make us miserable. They aren’t necessarily actively toxic, but some are so rude, bureaucratic, and/or annoying, your automatic response may be to disengage from them and your work.

Unemployment is as low as it was at the end of the Clinton era, but other measures of job market recovery are still lagging.

You could make a good case that our practice of anointing the biggest tune of the summer goes back to New York’s Tin Pan Alley in the late 1800s.

We’ve seen movies with anonymous phone calls, tipping off the authorities to criminal activities, or even TV crime dramas with worried tipsters, who are reluctant to give their names to the police.…

Gain valuable knowledge to stop talent drain and improve your company When an employee leaves your company, do you know why? Do you ask? A well-executed exit interview gives you insight into why talent is leaving your company – and provides you with the information you need to stop that drain. This information can help …

The country needs a legal way to allow more high- and low-skilled workers in to fill jobs, one expert says.

Even so-called "domestic" carmakers are global companies with international supply chains.

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Hiring talented workers, let alone top tier professionals, has become so competitive companies must be constantly on the lookout for unique ways to meet their talent needs. With more investment money pouring into new startups and into expanding existing companies,

The fashion firm destroyed £28m of unwanted stock last year in a bid to protect its brand.

Trump's anti-immigration talk is doing some long-term damage to the nation's brand strength, one analyst says.

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What you say in a job interview is important. But arguably more important is how you say it and the body language you display throughout the interview. Sitting up straight, using hand gestures to frame your words, and subtly nodding are some of the tricks you can use to nail your next interview.

Preventing employee turnover starts with identifying key employees, challenging them, supporting their careers, and involving them in decision-making.

We look at whether the company's focus on artificial intelligence is a good business bet.

Here's why it may be cheaper to give workers a raise than to let them jump ship and join a competitor

It’s fitting that a chain selling hammers and saws would clearly see AI technologies for what they are—tools to get a job done.

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Must have some experience. At the very least, you need to have a good background in construction. Also looking for a full time water tech. Will train.

Just a quarter of entry-level job applicants typically sent a thank-you note after completing a job interview in 2017. Write the perfect note with these tips from a career expert.

Unlike other mushrooms, morels are incredibly difficult to grow. That’s part of the reason why they’re so expensive.