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Choose from a selection of Omaha Steaks, gourmet food gifts, seafood, and great side dishes. Omaha Steaks is a premier provider of quality frozen foods. Purchase online or in one of Omaha Steak's 80 retail locations.

How do you improve on the rich, creamy magnificence of gourmet macaroni and cheese? You add large chunks of sweet, succulent wild American lobster. And you make it as easy as to prepare as possible. Omaha Steaks Lobster Mac & Cheese goes from your freezer-to-oven-to-table in mere minutes. But it looks - and tastes - like you spent hours to get it just right...

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The Packers reported a profit of just $724,000 in their latest fiscal year, which included their 2nd straight season without a playoff appearance.

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie is made with almond milk, vegan-certified & so boldly loaded with Greyston Bakery fudge brownies you'll get Ben & Jerry's euphoria in every bite.

Food and beverage delights are being offered this year from a variety of vendors. Included in our culinary line-up are: Dos Amigos, City BBQ, Pizzeria Deville, Kool Kat Ice Cream, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Hansa Coffee, Mickey Finn's, Main Street Social, and North Shore Distillery
Bring this mural to life with colorful paints. We'll have the mural set-up near the Cook Mansion and need your hands to help complete the panels. Thank you to designer/artist Carmen de la Mano for getting us started, and…

I'm partnering with Omaha Steaks as an ambassador to tell you about some delicious ways to set up a burger bar, just in time for grilling season. Setting Setting up a burger bar is an easy and fun way to entertain in your backyard this summer. All you need to do is grill some juicy hamburgers and set out a buffet of toppings and condiments. See my tips for summer entertaining.

Air fryer cooking instructions for your favorite Omaha Steaks products, including chicken fingers, arancini, potatoes au gratin, coconut shrimp, and more!

While sometimes traffic is inevitable, it doesn’t always have to be. Here are a few ways to help avoid traffic, including GPS apps like Waze.

Receive your offer of admission
You may only confirm your admission after you have received an offer from Cincinnati. The steps below are for all undergraduate transfer and first-year students on Cincinnati's Uptown (main) Campus, Blue Ash campus, and Clermont campus. If you do not know whether or not you have received an offer of admission, check your status
Step 2:
Log into your Applicant…

Humidity and condensation have homeowners worrying about their windows. Learn all about humidity levels and how to control (and even eliminate!) window condensation.

Oppo releases details on what would be the world’s first under-display selfie camera, which may spell the end of the notch.

Shop online right now for once-in-a-season savings on Omaha Steaks favorites including gourmet steaks, meats, seafood and more. Order today!

Discover three unique and delicious ways to cook a steak without a grill. Learn how to smoke a steak, sous vide, and reverse sear your favorite steak cuts.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Get the best dashboard mounts, charging docks and holders for iPhones, cell phones, smartphones, GPS, tablets and other mobile devices in your car.

With another blast of spectacular July 4th fireworks right around the corner celebrating our nation’s independence, it got us thinking about what independence means in terms of health and well-being. What does that feel like and what is the best way to get it? That, of course, that brought us back to the likely answer of weight loss. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is the key to unlocking the kind of personal independence and self-determination we all deserve to enjoy
Sometimes it’s…

Wondering what a bridesmaid does? Here's a complete list of bridesmaid responsibilities leading up to the wedding and bridesmaid jobs the day of.

Sometimes clinical research studies can seem really far out there, like the one that attached long weighted sticks to the rear ends of chickens to gain insight into how dinosaurs walked the earth. Or hilariously obvious, like the Journal of American Medicine’s “Study shows a beneficial effect of electric fans in extreme heat and humidity.” Hmmm…
There are still others that fall somewhere between the two…

The summer months are a time for us to have some fun in the sun, but it’s also a season that may pose some risk to patients trying to lose weight. Between vacations, holiday barbecues, and a generally slower pace of life, patients may be tempted to relax their weight loss efforts. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are many ways patients can enjoy summer and still remain on track
I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow CMWL…

Just a reminder, due to the upcoming holiday week we are planning to complete all landscape maintenance by end of the day Wednesday, July 3, 2019. This will help ensure your property is ready for you to enjoy it, undisturbed, over the holiday weekend. In order to accomplish this, you may see the crews working outside of your normally scheduled time
Also, please be aware our offices will be closed on Thursday this week for the holiday.…

Ladies and gentlemen, start your appetites! This timelessly impressive steakhouse dinner includes two of the biggest T-Bones you've ever seen, each carved by a master Omaha Steaks butcher from the finest aged grain-fed beef. Along for the ride is a sampling of our popular All-Natural Steak Seasoning, a big helping of thick-cut seasoned Omaha Steakhouse Fries and our tastiest, stickiest, sweetest dessert. Enjoy - you won't forget this meal anytime soon.

Grilling tends to be the go-to outdoor cooking option, but we’re hot on smoking too. To begin smoking steak, you’ll need four key supplies...

You can feel the heat. The key to a happy, healthy summer starts with water. Find out how water can help with weight loss.

Nursing homes are one of the top three dreaded outcomes that Boomers fear the most. The other two are Alzheimer’s disease and Cancer, a trifecta of destinies they hope to be spared from at the end of life. While none of these three appear to be receding, one of them is inadvertently moving out of reach for a segment of the Boomer cohort. I am of course referring to nursing homes
This recent CBS report documents that the cost of nursing home care…

Lawndale artist Haman Cross got the ball rolling, and student artists helped design a complete course overhaul.

Dr. Bond joins Dr. Ingram to discuss just what hemp is and why we're seeing it gain popularity in the natural health industry. Dr. Ingram explains the medici...

Dr. Cass Ingram Raw Super Critical Hemp Extract vs CBD Oil. Read more in, "The Cannabis Cure." www.cassingram.com/product/the-cannabis-cure-by-dr-cas...

Join us in this three part series about HEMP! (Part 3) Dr. Cass Ingram found a beautiful hemp field in Canada last fall. Watch to learn more.