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WAITLIST POLICY: If you are on the waitlist and your plans have changed you must cancel yourself off the list. If you get in class up to 30 minutes before class we will assume you can make it, if you don't attend, the class will be counted against your package or if you are monthly you will be charged $10 fee
Full Classes: You must cancel before two hours to keep the class from counting even if you aren't in attendance. Monthly members…

I hope you find some information in this video helpful if you are considering adoption and are unsure which route to take. There is a part two that I will up...

The application of data visualization is transforming a wide variety of professions—and our understanding of each other. It is being used to replace vertebrae, explore human relationships and translate complex realities into a single clarifying graphic. On three consecutive Thursdays beginning Jan. 24, Transylvania University will host discussions with professionals who use data visualization in…

When you’re staying in a hotel room anywhere, snap a few photos and add it to a database that helps police track down criminals.

The iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker was involved in a recent case that has the attention of trademark watchers. United States Intellectual Property Stites & Harbison PLLC 14 Jan 2019

Booksellers are invited to sign up now to participate in an online discussion about the marketing strategies that bookstores use to succeed when located in an economy driven by tourism.

Parking takes up an extraordinary amount of space in cities. These projects are making it easier to convert it to something more useful than car storage.

Originally from Eminence, Kentucky, just east of Louisville, Rachel Sims now lives in Nashville, where she works for Vanderbilt University Medical Center as a speech language pathologist (SLP). An SLP, often called a speech therapist, is a clinician who specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of communications disorders, voice disorders, and swallowing disorders.

Origins Jazz Series
GAIL WYNTERS first found her voice in her father’s Nazarene church in Ashland, Kentucky, belting out some impromptu blues one morning in the middle of Sunday services. The rest of the family were up front performing when the youngest, all of 18 months, decided it was time to join the family chorus
Gail Wynters is a Lexington treasure, a Kentucky native that moved to New York for a very successful jazz career. She tours South America, Poland, and Singapore on…

In recent months, stock market participants have been focusing on downside risks in 2019, but not all risks are to the downside.

Tim Meko, an award-winning graphic reporter who is deputy graphics director at the Washington Post, uses data, design and code to distill the most complicated information into decipherable and often stunning visuals.

When Jane Henry injured herself wearing a pair of unisex construction gloves, she realized women were being ignored. So she founded SeeHerWork, a company that makes specially designed work wear for women in emergency services, industrial and construction jobs.

As the New Year gets underway, the editorial team at the Manufacturing Leadership Council as well as members of the MLC’s Board of Governors offer their predictions for the year ahead. Economic Uncertainty Will Influence M4.0 Velocity As the new year begins, mixed economic, market, and political signals have conspired to create a less predictable …

You're likely using Facebook to market your business, but is it effective? One of the best metrics to measure the performance of your page is your engagement rate. In this blog, we'll tell you the average engagement rate and some easy ways to improve it!

At the beginning of this new year, it helps to remind ourselves why we engage in this work, why trademarks matter, and, more particularly, why registration matters. Trademarks symbolize the goodwill of a business; they are the emblems of the brand owner’s reputation. Registrations strengthen and protection those important symbols
The benefits of U.S. federal trademark registration on the Principal Register are many
Prima facie evidence…

The deadline to apply is January 25, 2019. Apply here: moodle.communityactionpartnership.com/login/index.php

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