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Police in West Virginia say a man who said he was trying to baptize his wife and children in a bathtub has been charged with trying to drown them.

Provide quality service to move racing stables from racetrack to racetrack.

A teenager was flown to the hospital after officials say he from an overlook near the Wolf Creek Dam Sunday.

Federal data show the United States imported more seafood last year than at any point in history, and the nation's trade deficit in the sector is growing.

Multistreaming with restream.io/ "Jesus is Worthy" Revelation 5 Pastor Victor Sholar June 24. 2018 PM

Success won't necessarily make you happy, but when you're happy, you'll be more successful.

It all begins with the right research from trustworthy, reputable sources. In this article, we’ll outline and debunk a few of the more common digital marketing myths.

For the majority of Americans, it turns out that faith plays a leading role in their desire to give and serve.

It’s been a lively Farm Bill season, with a slew of anti-farmer amendments going down in flames. But one of farm policy’s most vocal opponents has been conspicuously quiet…until now. The Environmental Working Group came roaring back this week with a new “study” that – true to form – breaks no new ground and is largely a recycling of old irrelevant data.

My latest article for The Undefeated, about the descendants of Thomas Jefferson's slaves.

Customers say service is getting worse. And, as we know, they're always right. Buck the trend with these five keys to customer delight.

State Police in Livingston County honored a fallen trooper Saturday on the third anniversary of his death.

State Police say Friday afternoon, a utility worker found a man in a ditch on highway 3439 and Stephen Trace Road.

We now know the name of the man killed Friday in a workplace accident.

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning. Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.® Chem-Dry’s mission is helping people live healthy lives, which starts with clean carpets and a healthy home.

Paladin has applied this process at several Kentucky colleges, helping them move their diverse structures, control systems and monitoring equipment onto CEMCS

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Hairy Lipsum includes “Hairy Tidbits” related…

Posted On 23 Jun 2018
Well, now they are all nicely over thirty! However, they would like to grow older gracefully, and remain as healthy as possible. Well, that is where a raw diet might help. It is stated that the compounds we put into our bodies possess a cumulative negative impact on us. You might have heard of somebody being allergic into a artificial sweetener, and receiving terrible migraines each time they attempt and drink diet soda. Or perhaps you or a…

Posted On 23 Jun 2018
Prehistoric man heard tens of thousands of years back it was a fantastic idea to consume meat which was cooked, instead of raw. Ever since that time, the human race has gone mad, applying the exact same cooking thought to all meals. Except to get a salad, the majority of individuals eat hardly any raw food. But in the past several decades, the focus on healthful eating and reducing the odds of contracting diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular…

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