Chicken Restaurants in Lexington, KY - Fayette County

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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Bars & Grills in Lexington, KY

3190 Todds Rd

Lexington, KY

(859) 263-9464


Chicken Take-Out in Garden Springs, Lexington

2025 Harrodsburg Rd

Garden Springs Lexington, KY

(859) 373-0007

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Award-Winning, Grill, Cantina, Pub, Saloon, Tavern
Bars & Grills in Virginia Ave, Lexington

1080 S Broadway Ste 104

Virginia Ave Lexington, KY

(859) 233-2999


Chicken Take-Out in Brookhaven-Lansdowne, Lexington

2514 Nicholasville Rd

Brookhaven-Lansdowne Lexington, KY

(859) 278-0003


Chicken Take-Out in University Of Kentucky, Lexington

239 Student Ctr Uk Student Ctr

University Of Kentucky Lexington, KY

(859) 218-6726


Chicken Take-Out in Indian Hills-Stonewall Estates-Monticello, Lexington

3401 Nicholasville Rd Ste Fc5a

Indian Hills-Stonewall Estates-Monticello Lexington, KY

(859) 272-2614

Wing Zone

Chicken Restaurants in Idle Hour, Lexington

580 Eureka Springs Dr Ste a

Idle Hour Lexington, KY

(859) 368-0898


Chicken Take-Out in Lexington, KY

1863 Plaudit Pl

Lexington, KY

(859) 543-0063

Popeyes Chicken

Chicken Restaurants in Warrenton-Harmitage Hills-Pinehurst, Lexington

115 E New Circle Rd

Warrenton-Harmitage Hills-Pinehurst Lexington, KY

(859) 367-0554

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

Gift Cards, Catering, Catering, Restaurant Chicken, Restaurants
Chicken Restaurants in Cardinal Hill-Pine Meadow, Lexington

1318 Versailles Rd

Cardinal Hill-Pine Meadow Lexington, KY

(859) 254-8229