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Forest elephant extinction would exacerbate climate change. That's according to a new study in Nature Geoscience which links feeding by elephants with an increase in the amount of carbon that forests are able to store.

Sheryl McQuade, TD Bank’s new regional president for northern New England, is aiming to expand the bank’s footprint, whether that's through new employees or new locations.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 18, 2019) – Each week, the NTRA will provide a rundown of those who have qualified for the National Horseplayers Championship (NHC) the previous weekends.
The NHC is

In a survey, 47 percent of people said that the meetings they attend are not productive. Don't be the reason for an unproductive meeting.

You should think about marketing yourself as a job candidate even when you’re not looking for a job. This marketing professional shares why.

Two days after Abigail Disney publicly criticized working conditions at Disney theme parks, the entertainment giant is hitting back.

Affordable housing may be elusive for much of America, but at least the ultrarich can take vitamin C showers and program their lights to match their personal circadian rhythms.

The airline industry needs to curb its emissions, and a few bold startups are experimenting with electric engines. But the future of electric aviation requires more than sustainability and technological advancement.

Millennial entrepreneur Natalie Ellis, cofounder of BossBabe, spills the secrets to building a loyal following and monetizing Instagram.

Maine Outdoor Brands, a two-year old trade group that advocates for the state's $8.2 billion outdoor recreation economy, has hired Jenny Kordick as the group's first full-time executive director.

The city of Portland is beginning a revaluation of all commercial real property, in preparation for new assessments to be made in the 2021 fiscal year. Tyler Technologies is helping with the reval.

After experiencing the benefits of less, I knew my kids needed a minimalist closet. One that was kid-friendly. You may be wondering exactly what that means.

In terms of environmental policy, Jay Inslee, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders bring the strongest ideas to the crowded Democratic primary field.

A new partnership between Flow, Mendes, and his manager Andrew Gertler saves the planet from 70,000 plastic water bottles.

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A new law in the Philippines details the roles various organizations play in reporting of notifiable diseases, declaring epidemics, and declaring public health emergencies. The new law also defines measures for data security and confidentiality and establishes fines for disclosure...

In his weekly advice column, Maynard Webb advises a founder on how to hire the right talent for a fast-growing startup.

A Commonwealth Court panel in Pennsylvania has upheld a ruling by the Office of Open Records that prohibits a member of an anti-abortion group from obtaining the names and license numbers of practitioners at abortion clinics. The information was requested...

Groups such as EcoAction and the Nature Education Network are drawing attention to the nature education industry in China and the need for greater regulation and investment. The groups note that the industry is relatively new and many practitioners lack...