Christian Churches in Lewiston, ID

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  • Chards Christian Church

    Christian Churches in Lewiston, ID

    731 Warner Ave

    Lewiston - ID

    Child care provided, Choir, Sunday school, Youth choir, Attended nursery, Babysitting provided

    (208) 743-2170

  • Lewiston Bible Missionary Church

    Church of Christ, Church of God, Church of Nazarene

    Holiness Church in Lewiston, ID

    3438 11th St

    Lewiston - ID

    Children s church, Youth church, Church school, Junior church, Kid s church, Youth services

    (208) 746-6150

  • Unity Church of Clearwater Valley

    Unity Church in LEWISTON, ID

    1622 15Th Ave


    Counseling, Weddings, School functions, Wedding ceremonies, Marriage ceremonies, School events

    (208) 746-0566

  • Warner Avenue Alliance Church


    Christian Churches in Lewiston, ID

    514 Warner Ave

    Lewiston - ID

    Adult choir, Contemporary music, Sunday school, Church school, Nursery

    (208) 743-3000

  • Church of Christ

    Christian, Church of Christ

    Church of Christ in Lewiston, ID

    302 Southway Ave

    Lewiston - ID


    (208) 743-2711

  • Congregational-Presbyterian Church

    Nursery, Bible Study, Bible Study, Christian, Church of Christ, Presbyterian

    Presbyterian Churches in Lewiston, ID

    709 6th St

    Lewiston - ID

    (208) 743-4444

  • Crosspoint Alliance Church

    Christian Churches in Lewiston, ID

    1330 Powers Ave

    Lewiston - ID

    (208) 743-3000

  • Woodland Friends Church

    Friends Church in Lewiston, ID

    3626 16th St

    Lewiston - ID

    (208) 743-4327