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Published Mar. 9, 2018
You probably tend to think of foods as either “healthy” or “unhealthy.”
While healthy foods help you stay fit and feel good, unhealthy foods make you gain weight and feel sluggish
However, there’s another step beyond unhealthy. There are foods that may contribute to your risk of cancer—namely colon cancer .
Colon cancer is the second most deadly type of cancer behind lung cancer . Every year, 140,000 people get colon cancer and as many as 50,000 people die…

The best thing you can do for your body when you’re in pain? Visit us for an examination
An ache here, a pain there. Or maybe something more chronic, like migraine pain or lower back pain.
What is the purpose of pain? What’s it trying to tell you?
Many people try to avoid pain at all costs. So, at the first sign of any type of pain, they take something to mask it. But their pain is merely a sign that something else…

Natural health news published monthly by Advanced Care Chiropractic | January 2019 Issue

Chiropractic care can help your children grow up happy and healthy
Just as planting a garden requires fertile soil, quality seeds, plenty of sunshine and water, planting seeds to grow healthy kids requires specific actions
With a dizzying amount of advice dispensed over the Internet, through the TV and by well-meaning friends and family members, it’s not always easy to know what advice to follow. Consider…

Published Mar. 5, 2018
Sleep today for a better tomorrow
Go to work. Come home. Run the kids around. Make dinner. Take care of chores. Catch up on your favorite shows. Get some exercise. And oh, don’t forget to get some sleep, too
If you’re like most people, sleep is the last thing on your to-do list. People even make light of how little sleep they get, saying things like “sleep is for the weak” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
But while…

Geisinger’s program will also provide transportation for non-clinical, but health-related reasons, such as going to counseling, a pharmacy, a grocery store or to a job interview.

Published Oct. 4, 2018
It shouldn’t last more than a few days
If you can’t seem to get out of the bathroom because of diarrhea, you might be wondering what caused the problem, and when it’s time to seek the help of your doctor
“There are a variety of potential causes of diarrhea,” said Geisinger gastroenterologist Seth Kaufer, D.O. “But, luckily, it almost always passes on its own within several days.” But if it doesn’t or you begin to notice more severe symptoms,…

Published Sep. 19, 2018
Be aware and get tested today
Hepatitis C is a liver infection that affects more than three million Americans, with 200,000 new cases reported each year. But the virus disproportionately affects members of the Baby Boomer generation—three in four hepatitis C patients were born between 1945-1965
This highlights the need for screenings in Boomers, as delays in detection can lead to permanent…

Published Sep. 28, 2018
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DANVILLE, Pa. – Geisinger continues to invest in employees’ education by offering an on-site Master of Business Administration (MBA) to its healthcare leaders, with classes conducted by University of Scranton professors at three hospital campuses
Twenty-nine students have so far earned their master’s degree in healthcare from the unique two-year program that began in 2015 and offers discounted tuition and…

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CHESS Health, the leading provider of addiction management technology, and Geisinger, one of the natio...

Published Sep. 27, 2018
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PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Collin Hair, M.D., has joined the medical staff of Geisinger as a pediatric ophthalmologist. He will see patients at Geisinger’s Specialty Clinic located at 675 Baltimore Drive, Wilkes-Barre, and Geisinger’s Forty Fort Clinic located at 190 Welles St., Suite 122, Forty Fort
Fellowship trained in pediatric ophthalmology, Dr. Hair specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of…

Published Sep. 21, 2018
CAMP HILL, Pa. – Geisinger Holy Spirit Orthopaedics will expand care to the Dillsburg community beginning October 4
Michael Werner , M.D., a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon , will see patients at the Geisinger Holy Spirit Dillsburg Center, 126 W. Church Street, Dillsburg. The Dillsburg Center also houses Geisinger Holy Spirit primary care , imaging, lab and EKG services, physical therapy , and…

Published Aug. 15, 2018
Is your little one set for the big day
After the long summer break from school, is your child ready to get back into the classroom? Whether they’re starting at a new school or just a new grade level, it can be stressful for children to return to the schedule and responsibility of classes.
As you prepare to send them back to school, you likely have many to-do lists—but be sure to include their health among your priorities.

Published Jun. 22, 2018
Get moving with help from your care team
Thanks to technological advances both in and out of the hospital, joint replacement surgeries are more seamless than ever, reducing the average hospital stay to less than four days and halving the nearly 10-inch incision previously required for the procedure. In fact, patients are often on their feet with hospital rehabilitation staff a day after surgery
With all of this progress, more patients can look forward to life without the…

Published Jun. 26, 2018
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You’ve been in pain for a while. It hurts to walk, sit down and get out of a chair, and even to simply lean over. In fact, your hip even hurts when you’re just sitting or lying down. So you’ve decided to move forward with hip replacement surgery.
You’re not alone. More than 300,000 people in the U.S. have complete hip replacement surgeries every year.
One reason people are hesitant to move forward with this surgery, as…

Published Jul. 10, 2018
Not all seizures are caused by epilepsy
As the fourth most common neurological disorder affecting one in every 26 people, you probably know someone with epilepsy
“Most often, when a person has a seizure it’s due to epilepsy,” explained Dr. Abuhuziefa Abubakr, director of epilepsy for Geisinger. “The abnormal electric activity in the brain that is a hallmark of epilepsy often results in seizures.”
However, not all seizures are a result of epilepsy. In fact, you need to…

Bones play a big role in the body - they provide structure, protect organs, anchor muscles and store calcium. When children are growing, we're focused on making sure their diets and activities promote healthy bones. But here's something you may not have considered: Adults also need to make sure they're taking steps to ensure their bones stay healthy as they age
"Your bones are always changing…

Published Jul. 6, 2018
Treating pain in our largest joint
If the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning, climbing a few flights of stairs or going on a brisk walk brings you instant knee pain , you might be concerned … and you also may feel like it’s just a sign that you’re “getting older.”
But chronic knee pain isn’t normal, and it isn’t necessarily a sign of getting older
A total knee replacement could be the saving grace…

Published Jun. 21, 2018
How to keep summer camp fun
Summer camp is an exciting time for your kids—they get a chance to play outside all day, meet new friends and keep learning. But it’s also a time that your kids are much more susceptible to injury
“Summer camp is the perfect place for your kids to get plenty of exercise and have fun, but it’s also a place where they can get injured,” said Geisinger primary care sports medicine physician Justin Tunis,…

When you strap pads and a helmet onto your child before they run out onto the playing field, you feel assured that the equipment will protect them from any injuries. But, with the youth baseball season in full swing, we're reminded that not all injuries can happen in an instant during a game - some take time to develop
"Kids are young and agile, so we don't think they're at risk of overuse injuries, but, in fact, they are," said Dr. Kevin Colleran,…