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Reliant Medical Group Physical Therapist, Kristin Dymek, explains the importance of exercise at every age. You're never too old to exercise.

Turkey Breakfast Burritos Perfect to freeze and then toss in the microwave for a hot breakfast in minutes! Makes 8 burritos Ingredients 12 eggs ¼ cup low-fat milk 1 ...

Most smokers want to quit, here are six tips that can make a difference, and get you started on the road to being smoke-free!

Reliant Medical Group describes a few ways to “Get Your Plate in Shape” from the food and nutrition experts at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Reliant Medical Group offers these ideas for heart healthy lifestyle changes that will help you improve your heart and your overall health.

Reliant Medical Group offers recipes for the Life After Bariatric Surgery group. This month's recipes include overnight oatmeal and slow cooker lentil soup.

We asked Reliant kids to tell us about their doctors- this is what they had to say!

All Reliant/Southboro Medical Group locations will be open normal business hours with the exception of our urgent care facilities which will have reduced hours: New Year’s Eve -Monday, December ...

Reliant Medical Group offers tips on how to keep diabetic feet healthy. It is important to care for your feet if you have diabetes.

Have you ever wondered how we hear sounds? Reliant Medical Group explains the mechanics of how we hear sounds.

High-Protein Blueberry Muffins Perfect for breakfast or brunch during the holidays! Makes 12 muffins Ingredients 1 ½ cups whole-wheat pastry flour ¾ cups unflavored protein powder 1 tablespoons ground ...

According to the CDC, more than 84 million Americans are believed to have prediabetes, and most are unaware they have it.

Yes indeed, sparkling water is just as hydrating as regular water. In fact, the CDC actually recommends sparkling water as an excellent alternative to sugary drinks and a good ...

Learn how to exercise safely in cold weather to keep yourself healthy with these tips from Reliant Medical Group's senior blog, "The Senior's Edge."

Many people question the idea "do women have heart attacks?" The answer is yes, but the symptoms of a heart attack in women can be different. Learn more.

By Leslie Bourne, PhD, Chief of Behavioral Health, Reliant Medical Group Ah, the holidays….for some, it’s truly a favorite time of year, for many others…not so much. From the aunt who ...

Chef Dave’s Easy Savory Chili Makes 6 servings (1 cup each) Easy, tasty and packed with protein! Ingredients 1/2 pound lean ground beef ½ pound lean ground turkey ...

Many older patients ask us, "Should I get the shingles vaccine?" The answer is almost always yes. If you have had the chickenpox, you are at risk.

Reliant Medical Group's nutrition department provides some insight on how insulin works and answers the question "what should you eat to manage diabetes?"