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Whether a horse is going down the centerline, cross-country schooling, or working in a lesson - everyone wants their horse to shine, both figuratively and literally. For the latter, a quick, last-minu...

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The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce the partnership with LandSafe for the 2019 USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC). LandSafe will join the USEA as a Bronze Leve...

Why do I toss and turn at night? There are many factors that can provoke excessive movement during sleep. Mattress Warehouse identifies potential solutions to this common issue.

Consistent exercise and sleep quality depend on one another. Post-exercise insomnia can be avoided with regular physical activity at the right time.

Christine Turner first laid eyes on Tsetserleg, or “Thomas” as he is known in the barn, at a Trakehner inspection being held at Dr. Timothy Holekamp’s New Spring Farm. Thomas wasn’t being inspected th...

Try these techniques to get better sleep, despite work and family interruptions.

Genius way to enjoy a tasty treat AND eat your vegetables.

Sharing a bed is no easy feat, which is why Mattress Warehouse is revealing the best mattress tips for couples and the best mattress for two different sleepers.

The next generation of the Chevrolet Tahoe is delayed for 2021 season. The company didn’t manage to

The last C7 Corvette just sold for 33 times its MSRP, and Chevrolet hasn’t even built it yet. The final seventh-gen ‘Vette, a black 2019 Z06 coupe with seven-speed manual gearbox, went for $2.7M at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast Auction to benefit the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Self-driving cars need to do more than obey the speed limit. They need to be able to handle unusual scenarios. Here's how GM's Cruise self-driving cars handle one of the most common of those scenarios: Double-parked cars. Self-driving cars regularly encounter double parking in San Francisco.

Apps and trackers can flood users with confusing data, doctors say. Some warn against orthosomnia, an obsession with “perfect” sleep.

What does a mattress topper do? Mattress Warehouse explains its purpose and lists the qualities that all the best mattress toppers share.