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Are you spending time "hoping" or are you busy "doing?"
I see people daily who say, "I HOPE I can do it . . . "this time."
These are folks who for …

Over-exposure to the sun and its UVB rays is harmful to our health, leaving many of us worried about long hours spent in the afternoon sunshine.

Golden Globe Nominee Thora Birch and director Samantha Davidson Green are going to be discussing their Stony Brook Film Festival movies with Tom Needham on ‘The Sounds of Film.’

I recently read an article which stated that brands flocked to influencers in hoards in 2017 to help sell their products and services, and that it's …

Friends spend a lot of time together. They tend to eat similar foods and engage in similar activities. Thus, what you consider to be a normal and app…

Radiation therapy for very overweight and obese patients poses a difficult challenge for even the most veteran radiologist.
With difficulty and prec…

The John Charles collection is perfect for a mother of the bride or groom and occasionwear wedding outfit.

In their continued effort to boost HPV vaccination rates — and in turn, reduce HPV-related cancers — medical experts are urging pediatricians to stress the importance of the vaccine and tout its link to cancer prevention.

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Show all Medical/Dental/Healthcare jobs across Scotland The Met Office is warning Scotland’s emergency services of the risks of a hotter than normal summer. In fact, the country could be in for the hottest months in 12 years, with temperatures soaring to 33C right through to August. This means the demands on frontline... Read more »