Business in Sunrise - Las Vegas, NV

June 20 will mark the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's historic steps on the moon. Many chapters of that journey were written at the Kennedy Space Center along the Florida coast. What many people don't know is a massive hole in the ground in the Nevada desert also had a big role in the scientific success of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Democrats are celebrating the passage of a federal minimum wage hike in the House of Representatives, a victory for progressives who have fought to mandate higher pay for low-wage workers for years, but the legislation still faces what appears to an insurmountable obstacle: the United States Senate. It would be the first minimum wage increase in over a decade if it ever takes effect, but experts say that is unlikely to happen as long as Republicans control the Senate and the White House.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — (WSET) -- A Navy SEAL is capturing the hearts of people on social media. Dom Raso was on his morning run in Virginia Beach at the Oceanfront when he said he spotted the American flag at the Navy SEAL monument out of place and broken off the flag pole. He wrote on Facebook that he tried to climb the pole three times before he made it up on his fourth attempt.