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Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, June 18 at 9 a.m. at City Hall. 495 S. Main St. Get the agenda here and watch online here.

City park areas and facilities are available to the general public for recreational activities and programs such as picnics, reunions and…

Dr. Polley has advanced training from the prestigious Kois Center for Advanced Dental Learning, where he has not only studied, but has been named a Mentor for his extensive knowledge and leadership.

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Many parents have a challenge trying to get their kits to eat their veggies. However, a recent study pinpoints just how important nutrition is. Learn more.

Are you fortunate enough to be in the tiny minority of people who don’t have a financial care in the world? If not, I’ll bet you know that person who, to the best of your knowledge, lacks nothing. There’s no need for financial planning, right? Let's put that notion to the test with this exercise.

Here are some active listening strategies that should be used in conjunction with hearing aids to make your communication and effective as possible.

John Han is a cosmetic dentist specializing in sleep and sedation dentistry services in Redlands, CA. Preferred Dental is located in Redlands, CA.

Many people consider a root canal treatment to be potentially an unpleasant experience. You might even feel a few butterflies fluttering in your stomach if we were to recommend one for you.But there’s nothing actually to dread about this common and very effective treatment. The procedure doesn

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April 25, 2018 - Every 5.4 minutes a work zone crash occurs, with roughly 25 per cent of crashes involving large trucks and nearly half of all fatalit...

We know you want to have a great time with whatever you have planned this summer so we have some tips on protecting your hearing aids.

Baby signs are gestures for common words and phrases that have been simplified from American Sign Language. Signing helps children communicate their needs and emotions before they can do so verbally, reduces frustration during early stages of language development, and improves children’s self-esteem. In our infant program, we start using... Read More »

But remember that some types of expenses that were deductible on 2017 returns won’t be deductible on 2018 returns under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, such as unreimbursed work-related expenses, certain professional fees, and investment expenses.

As summer rolls around, the grills come out of hiding and the air fills up with the aroma of smoky burgers. One reason grilled food tastes so good is because unique flavor compounds are produced during the grilling process. Unfortunately, some of those c

Below are the road closures being planned for July; a reminder will be sent a few days before the event
Primus & Mastodon
Closures start at 12 a.m. July 3.
Roads reopen at 6 a.m. July 4.
Major closures: Bridger Avenue from Casino Center Boulevard to 3rd Street, 3rd Street from Bridger Avenue to Carson Avenue. See the map below.
Friday, July 6, 5-11 p.m.
First Friday is a monthly art, music and food festival in the Arts District.
Closures start at 8…

If your teenager is in need of orthodontic treatment, you might automatically think braces. But while this decades-old appliance is quite effective, it isn’t the only “tooth movement” game in town any more. Clear aligners are another choice your teenager might find more appealing.C

Many folks have now opted to take a 25% lump sum from their pot. However, experts caution that if any of this withdrawn money is left over when you die, it may be taxed

A state may define “guardian” as the individual who makes personal and health care decisions for an incapacitated person, while a “conservator” makes financially-related decisions. Semantics aside, the default process is best avoided.

“Can you pass the Fat IQ test? - WSB's Sabrina Cupit reports.”

Many factors created a choppy market in the first half of 2018. In this Q&A with CIO Christopher Hyzy, he points to what to watch for in the second half of 2018—and how you can navigate the risks and opportunities.

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, so let me share 10 Key Facts to harness brain plasticity & prolong brain health that ...

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