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Professor of Geography and US Army veteran paratrooper Ken Nussear participated in the 75th anniversary reenactment of D-Day

"At eight years old, I was nearsighted, as pale as an egg, and shaped like one from the side effects of asthma drugs, but I dreamed of life as a cowgirl, as a knight with a braid coiled under her helmet, or as a Pawnee princess who leaned her cheek against her pony's neck as they roamed the West."- Terri Farley

When did you last get tested for diabetes, low testosterone, high cholesterol or prostate cancer? As men age, the frequency of necessary exams changes.

Dormont Blue Hose Gas Connector Kits
Custom-created food service solutions that work together to ensure maximum safety, flexibility, and durability. This affordable system makes operating, cleaning, and servicing your gas-fed equipment trouble-free
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Interested in becoming a Dormont Distributor? We'd be glad to have you! You will need to contact your Dormont Manufacturer’s Representative, but in the meantime we'll send you the most recent…

The proverbial Bat Signal has been shining over the streets of Hollywood, and TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson has responded. To be fair to Pattinson, however, if you still only know him as Edward...

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Kuhn, Sarah
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Special Collections, Jon Bilbao Basque Library recently invited Holly Moore, the Lloyd E. Cotsen Head of Preservation and Conservation for the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Garden, in for an evaluation of how the departments are storing their valuable materials

The leading resource for HOA managers: Practical advice and best practices for condominium and homeowners association leaders.

Rock icons are getting their turn at big-screen stardom. ROCKETMAN tells the tale of famed singer/songwriter Elton John (played by Taron Egerton). Bruce Springsteen’s blue-collar hits power the...

Experimental treatments are nothing new to the world of science. But, even with that in mind, the recent use of rotten eggplant as a bacteriophage to create treatment for cystic fibrosis is even more unusual. The successful treatment with the rotten eggplant phages helped save a teenage girl from the disease.

· 8:00 am Registration- Exhibit Set-up continues
· 9:00 am Opening Plenary Begins
· 10:00 am Workshops Commence
· 6:30 pm Doors Open
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WELCOME! The creators of Las Vegas LIVE are pleased to welcome all members of the Las Vegas Community to this event. Please note that the performance is free and open to all members of the public and we ask that you all come to support the exceptional talent that comprises the music community…

Safety when traveling is important, but it's also key to protect your documents. For many travelers, that means a passport cover. The extra cover can protect that documents from wear and tear, cyber security problems and even deter thieves. But, even with all those perks, is a passport cover still a necessity?

The Treasury Department said it would crack down on the most popular ways for Americans to visit the island.

Watts has announced a customer webinar, Intelligent Scale Solution, to be broadcast live on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

LAUGHLIN — Many children attended the Laughlin Library Summer Challenge kickoff party last week. The party promoted the Summer Challenge, which is a free program to encourage local youth to

Rich, full-featured site offering school, employment, and community education program information.

Renown Health and the University bring the latest in advanced brain imaging – the ‘gold standard’ for research – to Northern Nevada

Navigating you through the best of our library collection, via the recommendations of one very opinionated librarian.
By Rebecca…

While the current measles crisis is troublesome, it could get much worse by 2050. A new study predicts a possible 50% increase in worldwide measles cases at its current rate. The results have both doctors and scientists looking for changes to vaccine laws and asking if a mandatory measles vaccine would help.

Student members credit success to lessons learned in the classroom and in real world application

Essentials for tailgating! Here is a handy checklist of top things to bring to a tailgate, including all the little things to make an unforgettable tailgating experience.

Throughout the 20th century polio was a global health threat that the public had no way to prevent. After decades of research and unsuccessful vaccines, Jonas Salk provided a lifesaving breakthrough with his polio vaccine. Over 65 years after its creation, the polio vaccine has almost left the disease eradicated.

CEO of Global Payments Jeff Sloan joins CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" team to discuss the company's outlook and acquisition of Total System Services. Payment technology company Global Payments said it would buy peer Total System Services for about $21.5 billion in stock.

Hepatitis A remains one of the most common illnesses for unwitting travelers to foreign countries. But, how does a person contract hepatitis A? A variety of factors, like contaminated fecal matter getting into food or drinks or even just close contact with an infected person can help spread the virus.