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Pastor John Lomacang shares the truth about the Sabbath in this Pathway to Life series from Phoenix, Arizona. PTL018007

Join Greg and Jill Morikone at the Desert Botanical Gardens, see amazing footage of the desert cacti and wildlife, and hear incredible testimonies of people ...

President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on imported aluminum and steel could hit Apple, which is a big user of both, where it hurts. And if it's anything like other times that Apple has been slapped with increased import duties, that could translate to increased prices for customers. Trump said on Thursday that the

Brian Turmail, vice president of public affairs and strategic initiatives, AGC, weighs in on a problem that spans the entire country-from L.A. to Pittsburgh....

Millions head to India every year and visit a centuries-old monument. Sitting along a river, the Taj Mahal is India's premier landmark and treasured across the globe. But, environmental factors like that polluted river are changing the tomb's structure. What's being done to maintain one of the world's landmarks?

Although food is always a perk during foreign trips, many travelers are visiting places just to try local dishes. While you can eat many of the items from home, there's nothing like a fish market in Japan or cooking class in France. These are the premier destinations for hungry travelers who want a culinary holiday.

Mattress Firm has a few simple tactics you can implement that will help you get the best deals and avoid a scam, no matter what you're purchasing.

A lot of time and effort goes into straightening your smile. But there’s a possibility it might not stay that way—and all that hard work could be lost. The same natural mechanism that enables your teeth to move with braces could cause them to revert to their old, undesirable positions.So

Florida in-state Legacy Run expanding this year to include Riders from all over and traveling through four other states.

I want to start using something for wrinkles and I’m not sure which product is best. I’m 32 with fine lines on my forehead and around the eyes. Which pro...

Finally getting out from under the flu? Just because you're feeling better doesn't mean you can't get other people sick. You can spread the flu for longer than you might think.

Crime Stoppers of Nevada, Inc. is a citizen, media and law enforcement co-operative program created to involve the public in the fight against crime.

The KARE 11 Andersen Windows and Doors Warming House drew crowds throughout Super Bowl LIVE Presented by Verizon, a free 10-day festival along a seven-block ...

"Andersen Corporation has proudly called Minnesota home for 115 years and we were honored to extend a warm welcome to football fans from around the world at ...

With "Plus," the company will give its stamp of approval to inspected, higher-quality listings.

I want to get my lips filled in and I want them the fullest I can get them with one syringe, is one thicker then the other? What is the difference between...

Jammyland will soft-open in late-February with a bar program, and food will be added in stages shortly after, including brunch by summertime.

If you're not brushing and flossing your teeth in Summerlin every day, you need to make an appointment with Moore Family Dentistry at 702-254-6700.

Allowing clogs to get worse and worse impedes your convenience and could actually result in damages to your plumbing system.