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Why limit your St. Patrick's Day drinking to one or two brews, when you can sample more than 50 at this massive event? The Vegas Beer & Music Fest is set to get shamrocks shaking at the Downtown Events Lot and Backstage Bar & Billiards on Fremont Street, with live performances, food trucks and tons of LV and SoCal breweries on hand -- including Guinness, of course -- with plenty of tastes to try. The entertainment lineup features Offspring tribute Offsprung, emo-rock cover…

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Retirement planning is something everyone needs to do, and the earlier you start, the better off you'll be. Having a partner to share life's financial burdens with can be an advantage, but being single also has a plus side.Read more...

The ACC continues to set the standards for lifelong learning for cardiovascular professionals. In fact, for the entire cardiovascular care team. Its education enterprise — a partnership of member volunteers and staff — consistently strives to provide the highest level of evidence-based, competency-based education. The collaboration extends throughout the entire College, drawing on expertise spanning information technology, digital strategy and international affairs, among others. Apropos…

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has canceled a missing person flyer for one of their own. Thursday afternoon, LVMPD reported that Captain James LaRochelle was last seen Thursday around 2 a.m. near Desert Foothills and Charleston Boulevard in t

Entergy wants New Orleans’ residents and businesses to pay for the company to build a costly, unnecessary and dirty gas power plant

St. Petersburg, FL - Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is poised to vote for the Republicans tax cut bill for the wealthy and corporations--a plan which will create conditions for the elimination of a wide range of public benefit programs--in exchange for a small increase in the child tax credit.

Oxford Dictionaries recognized the power of the millennial generation Friday with its 2017 word of the year: youthquake.Oxford lexicographers say there was a fivefold increase in use of the term between 2016 and 2017.It is defined as a significant cultural

Protect the Arctic Refuge. The message illuminated Trump International Hotel sending a hard to miss directive to Republican leaders in Washington, D.C. currently rushing through the tax scheme. The plan seeks to offset tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate polluters with revenue from drilling in the Arctic Refuge’s coastal plain-- an area vital for the survival of the Gwich’in Nation, and one of the country’s last remaining wild places.

Since 1940, Weller has been the trusted source for America's soldering needs, from hobbyists and bench techs to industrial manufacturing.

The president has resisted or attempted to roll back efforts to hold Moscow to account for meddling in the 2016 election.

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All Services include a Virgin or Regular Strawberry Margarita & Aromatherapy Treatment Strawberry Margarita Series Mani/Pedi, Facial and Body Treatments Start with a soothing Foot Soak with 100% all-natural Strawberry Essential Oil.
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This Candy Cane Cookies recipe is a family-favorite cookie that creates sweet holiday memories. Always a favorite at Christmas parties and cookie exchanges.

The number of hate crimes is on the rise across the United States. Many cities are seeing an increase and Ohio is one of them.

Pentagon says it will allow transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite President Trump's opposition

The milestone comes two years after the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency dug up nearly 400 sets of remains from a Hawaii cemetery