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By creating an industrial policy that largely looks to the past, Mr. Trump differs from his predecessors.

Golf doesn’t have to be all work and no play, especially when it’s miniature golf or putting greens or both.

Kinder Morgan has been endangering marine wildlife and breaking underwater sound thresholds, says federal letter.

Ben Zimmerman lives in a suburb of Chicago. Like a lot of 9-year-olds, he's fond of YouTube, Roblox, and Minecraft
And, like a lot of parents, his mom and dad wanted to make sure Ben wasn't spending too much time on those activities. They tried to use Google's "Family Link" parental control software to limit screen time for Ben and his older sister, Claudia.
Ben went on YouTube to search for a workaround. When he couldn't find one, he figured one out himself.…

A resident walks in to cast her vote at a polling station in Maine on June 12, in the state's primary elections. Maine is one of 17 states that has yet to apply for election security money allocated this year by congress
Jun 18, 2018
Miles Parks
When Congress approved giving $380 million to states to bolster the security of their elections, state officials were caught off guard but extremely grateful. Elections are notoriously underfunded and haven't seen a windfall like this from…

Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty Images
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz (left) and FBI Director Christopher Wray wait to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday on Capitol Hill
Jun 18, 2018
Miles Parks
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray will head to Capitol Hill Monday for an expected grilling from senators about the inspector general's scathing report on the FBI's…

Trump Tower sucks nearly 20 million gallons of water from the Chicago River each day to cool its HVAC systems, killing an unknown number of fish in the process.

Wilding Wallbeds uses orbital sanders to remove any flaws and marks from the wood. Visit www.wallbedsbywilding.com or call 866-877-7803 for more information....

The Neon Museum has installed Elvis Presley’s star on its Electric Promenade donor’s walk, which leads from the La Concha visitor’s center to the main Neon Museum Boneyard.

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Images reflecting off of the canopy above, screaming teens riding the zip-line overhead, and stages of entertainment on the outstreets of Fremont Street summed up my Fremont Street Experience in th…

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As dads around the world celebrate Father's Day today (June 17), four far-out fathers will spend the holiday at the International Space Station.

Under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, effective for tax years beginning in 2018, taxpayers who itemize their deductions will be subject to a $10,000 cap on state and local individual income, sales and property tax deductions. One way states are using to mitigate the cap on the federal deduction under TCJA is to set up state-operated charitable funds
Each state reacts differently to changes to federal tax law. For example, some states automatically conform to federal tax law as soon as…

There’s no better legal way to get a thrill than riding a great roller coaster. With better engineering than ever and a healthy competition to build the biggest, fastest, longest track, theme parks across the country are taking riders on adventures like never before.

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The cost of owning a vehicle can quickly add up. If you've thought about getting rid of your car you might try car sharing.

Disruptive by design, Oakley creates innovative men's and women's sunglasses, athletic apparel, goggles, watches and accessories. Free shipping and returns.

No one could forget the horrific events of October 1. To offer a place of healing, city leaders and volunteers came together to build a…