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U. S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an unlikely national rock star. The Notorious RBG, as she's nicknamed, is now the subject of a second film in one year. On Saturday evening, the 85-year-old Brooklyn native appeared in person in her hometown. She showed up at the New York Academy of Medicine before a sold-out audience.

DALTON, Ga. (WTVC) — A Dalton Walmart employee found a love letter in an aisle, with no real idea how it got there. While that's one of the questions still unanswered, others have been resolved. The 4-page letter was postmarked on July 30th, 1954. In it, Max Holcomb talks about how he can't wait to see his "honey" Martha again. Dakota Lovain worked at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. He's the person who found the letter. He hoped to reunite it with the author…

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That’s how it is with the guys from “Pawn Stars,” who are expanding the length of their episodes beginning with the Season 14 premiere on Jan. 21.

Caleb Bennett has made $240,389.73 this year and is second entering the 10th and final go-round of the NFR. He trails Tim O’Connell, the two-time defending world champion, by $12,988.38.

Now they’ve tightened restrictions even further
An ordinance passed last week will limit how homes can be rented out short-term
It requires the homeowners to be on property overnight while their homes are being rented. In other words, new short-term rentals will not include entire homes, just rooms in a house where the owner is staying overnight.
City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian said the council took suggestions…

Wolves are making a big comeback in Germany, which is making some Germans uneasy
Farmers and hunters drove the species out of the country over 150 years ago, but conditions for wolves became more welcoming in 1990, after Germany's reunification extended European endangered species protections to the eastern part of the country
Since 2000, the Central European gray wolves have been moving back, mostly from Poland…

Zazil Davis-Vazquez, Kaylee Domzalski, Madeline Clement, Kristy Guilbault, Brie Martin
Out of earshot of our bosses, over reheated rice and beans, the NPR Music interns have our own conversations about the music we love. And when it came time for year-end lists, we thought we ought to have a bigger say
So today, at the end of our time here at NPR, we shove our Tupperware aside in the name of interns' choice: our favorite music that came up again and again during…