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For many people, a slightly pinched nerve causes no discomfort. For others, symptoms can include pain, numbness, and general weakness in the shoulder. There may be a connection between your pinched nerve and shoulder pain. Having an X-ray or an MRI may determine the cause of your pain and help to find treatment.

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, June 18 at 9 a.m. at City Hall. 495 S. Main St. Get the agenda here and watch online here.

A more holistic approach to wellness may help you combat stress and reduce pain. Learn more about homeopathic health practices you may want to consider.

City park areas and facilities are available to the general public for recreational activities and programs such as picnics, reunions and…

Join Greg and Jill Morikone and members of the 3ABN family during this Behind the Scenes program as they pray for Danny Shelton’s recovery from his open hear...

Brenda Walsh shares exciting news about new Kids Time Praise programs airing each week on 3ABN and 3ABN Kids Network. NB180720

Nike will be the outfitter for the Polynesian Bowl, after agreeing to a multi-year deal with the prestigious high school all-star game.

Thank you Dayna Roselli and KTNV Channel 13 Action News for helping us introduce the recipients of $1,000,000 in multi-year funding! Meet the partner agencie...

More than a decade ago, God called me to found A21. When Nick and I first starting meeting with officials and working through obstacles, I felt so unqualified and unprepared. I had no idea how to run such an organization. I had no training in how to rescue slaves. I didn’t know the right people. I didn’t have all the resources I needed. I had no idea where God was leading us. I was the mother of two children under age four, already…

Dr. Polley has advanced training from the prestigious Kois Center for Advanced Dental Learning, where he has not only studied, but has been named a Mentor for his extensive knowledge and leadership.

Big Dog's Draft House just added Lhazy Dog by Big Dog's Brewing Company, a IPA - New England, rated 3.931 on Untappd to their menu

Many people who are moving to a new apartment have the same question: "How much is renters insurance?" Learn which factors determine renters insurance rates and how to estimate how much you'll pay for renters insurance.

This form is for first-time library card applications
If you have previously been issued a library card, you will receive this message: "Registration could not be completed. Please contact the library for assistance." If this occurs, please stop by your nearest library to re-activate or replace your card. You will need to present a valid picture ID and proof of current address; a replacement card is…

A cruise is one of the few vacations that's perfect for any time of year. Boarding an ocean liner to tour the Caribbean Islands can work for summer, while a trip to Canada might be perfect in the winter. Much like many other trips, you need travel documents to board the ship, but when is a passport needed for a cruise?

If you're looking to save money on auto maintenance, try these surprisingly easy do-it-yourself tips and tasks and save yourself a trip to the auto shop.

Thinking about moving to Albuquerque with your family? If you're looking for areas with affordable housing, low crime rates, great schools, and plenty of outdoor recreation, these are the 10 best neighborhoods in Albuquerque for raising kids!

Straighten your teeth in Las Vegas - make an appointment with Moore Family Dentistry 702-791-1010 or 702-254-6700 in Summerlin.

Big Dog's Draft House just added Unholy Cow by Big Dog's Brewing Company, a Pale Ale - American to their menu

Learn more about the best places to live in the US in 2018. Did your city make the list? The top cities that score best across a diverse range of metrics.

Many parents have a challenge trying to get their kits to eat their veggies. However, a recent study pinpoints just how important nutrition is. Learn more.

A reverse shoulder replacement is a procedure developed for patients who have severe shoulder arthritis with coexisting rotator cuff tears.

Are you fortunate enough to be in the tiny minority of people who don’t have a financial care in the world? If not, I’ll bet you know that person who, to the best of your knowledge, lacks nothing. There’s no need for financial planning, right? Let's put that notion to the test with this exercise.

Here are some active listening strategies that should be used in conjunction with hearing aids to make your communication and effective as possible.

Join John and Angela Lomacang as they talk to Hans Diehl and Scott Stoll from the Lifestyle Medicine Institute on "The Need for a Greater Self-Care in Forest...

Use our loan calculator to help you determine the loan financing amount and payment options that are best for you. Web browser must support JavaScript
Loan Payment Calculator
Use our loan calculator to help you determine the loan financing amount and payment options that are best for you. Web browser must support JavaScript.
Savings Estimator
Enter how much you can afford to save each month, how long you can save this amount, and the interest rate you can get on your savings and…

Movie times, buy movie tickets online, watch trailers and get directions to AMC CLASSIC Vernon Hills 8 in Vernon Hills, IL. Find everything you need for your local movie theater near you.

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