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TAMPA – Journey and Def Leppard will be “faithfully” performing their classic hits, considered some of the greatest “rock of ages,” when their co-headlining tour pulls into the Tampa Bay

For the second consecutive week, red tide was found in samples collected in Pinellas County waters, but none of the concentrations is enough to cause the problems that have plagued

After turning 65, what will the next 30 years of your life look like? Average life expectancy is at least 20 years after turning 65 but you want to plan for a healthy, happy 30 years.

During hot weather, if young athletes don't get enough water to replace what is lost through perspiration, they face the risk of dehydration.

LARGO – Commissioners made a pledge Aug. 7 to transition city operations to 100 percent clean energy by 2035, but Jamie Robinson had something a little more immediate in mind.

BayCare Health System offers a variety of health care classes and events throughout the Tampa Bay area. These include physician lectures, screenings, safety classes, lectures and support groups.

A volcano in Hawaii, wildfires in the West, floods in the Midwest, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, snowstorms in the Northeast – what’s a business to do?

Some items just aren't meant to be used and resold. Here are Mattress Firm's five items you should skip buying used and consider buying new.

Men’s Grooming Brand CREMO Kicks Off Great American Road Trip with Free Haircuts, Shaves and Conversations on the Importance of Men’s Mental Health

A team of archaeologists made a startling discovery several years ago when digging through an ancient Egyptian tomb by uncovering several jars, one of which contained a white, unidentified substance , according to The New York Times. The new analysis published in the journal Analytical Chemistry now says those researchers found a 3,200-year-old piece of cheese, one of the oldest ever found. Lead author of the paper Dr. Enrico Greco of Italy's University of Catania and current research assistant

A federal appeals court ruled the Trump administration had to immediately implement an Obama-era chemical safety rule on Friday which was created after a 2013 explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas killed 15, according to Reuters. The D.C. Circuit Court ruling was the latest loss President Donald Trump's EPA has faced, as the organization under the previous administrator Scott Pruitt tried to delay or rollback numerous environmental regulations introduced by former President Barack Obama. The

Ready to Read sight words. This sight word list, list 3, includes the following sight words: yes, you, what, do, big, little, are, now, said and have. The fi...

The United States placed sanctions on four top Myanmar security officials and two of the country's military units on Friday for human rights abuses carried out during the ethnic cleansing on the country's minority Muslim Rohingya communities in the Rakhine state in 2017, according to Politico. The Treasury Department announced the decision a year after the brutal forces prompted more than 700,000 Rohingya to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh. Officials had debated for months over how much to punish

Read nine ways your DUI could affect your job and future employment opportunities.

A new report released by the Pentagon on Thursday said the Chinese military was expanding its bomber operations and was "likely training for strikes" against the United States and its allies , according to The Guardian. The annual report highlighted China's ongoing efforts to increase its global influence through economic and military expansion, including a defense spending budget which has exceeded $190 billion in 2017. “Over the last three years, the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] has rapidly

Eyeglasses can be prescribed for a range of vision problems, from nearsightedness to farsightedness to the diminished vision of advancing age.

Hours after a Turkish court rejected an appeal from U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson, President Donald Trump chided Turkey for behaving "very, very badly" in the case and warned Washington was "not going to take it sitting down" on Friday, according to National Public Radio. Brunson has been detained for more than two years by Ankara on charges which claim he has links to the Fethullah Gulen movement, who Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for a failed coup attempt in July 2016. Both

Under normal circumstances, auto insurance rates aren’t something we give a whole lot of thought to during the day

New York, Aug 17 (IANS) Jil Janus, lead vocalist of rock band Huntress, took her own life after battling with mental illness for a long time. She was 43. Janus killed

Kathmandu, Aug 17 (IANS) Nepal Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali left for New Delhi on Friday to attend the funeral of former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee

We knew it would happen eventually , but now it’s official—Celebi is being released into the wild in Pokemon GO next week. The elusive Second Generation Legendary Pokemon will be available on August 20 as part of a Special Research task worldwide. It’s unclear what Niantic’s asking of players specifically, but the Special Research task will be available to folks who’ve already completed up to the third group of tasks for the Special Research for Mew. If you’re still working on Mew past…

The Faroe Islands conducted their annual tradition of hunting around 180 whales in one remote village, even though the locals have faced growing international criticism over the hunt by animal rights campaigners, who argue the ritual is cruel and unnecessary, according to The Express. The tradition known as whale driving is attended by all of the villagers, including young children, who take part in the hunt outside Sandavágur. After long-finned and short-finned pilot whales get close enough to