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The co-founder of China's internet giant Alibaba shares some unconventional words of wisdom.

Focusing on improving simple poverty metrics is no substitute for an economic strategy that tries to create wider prosperity.

Brexit is draining the UK's ability to focus on other issues, including the ability of business to invest in new technologies and skills that will transform all our lives, writes the Chief Economist for the Chamber of British Industry.

From dropping the cost of renewable energy, to speeding up the electrification of home heating systems, McKinsey has identified eight ways to significantly decrease our reliance on fossil fuels by 2050.

These three companies show why Africa provides the most fertile ground for innovation. It is where problems are most deeply felt, and are also big enough to motivate investment.

From champions of democracy to educators of the underprivileged, these are the people coming to Davos to share ideas and find new ways to make the world a better place.

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We will give you 5 valuable tips about how to stay on budget during a move, and keep money in your bank account before you reach your new doorstep.

Mike Lookinland, aka Bobby Brady, attacks the backyard demolition with a sledgehammer and a jackhammer. Visit HGTV.com for all the latest news on The Brady B...

Also in this week's round-up: the promise of purposeful capitalism and could globalization 4.0 help us tackle climate change?

Long viewed as a hindrance to planning public works, old-fashioned public consultation can provide insights just as valuable as anything big data can offer.

Two pantry staples -- aluminum foil and baking soda -- work together to vanquish tarnish from silverware and jewelry. Find more great content from HGTV: Stre...

Your data is key to all developments in biotech. But first we need to find a way of using it that is both progressive and ethical.

Education must become less rigid and link up more with employers if the future generation of students – and the world economy – are to benefit.

Masdar City's stackable steel allotments allow communities to grow their own produce, despite drought and desert heat.

For too long, the value of economic activity has been measured purely by its price. We need to recognize that value is created collectively by business, government and civil society.

Air pollutions kills millions each year. The data from a new generation of sensors is helping tackle this - and it promises to deliver social and economic benefits, too.

Boosting yields without putting pressure on strained resources could help feed the planet’s growing population.

Building a tiny home using salvaged or reclaimed materials can be an amazing way of keeping the cost down. If you’re prepared to put in some extra work, it’s...

Companies that extract water from the air could be set to go mainstream as improvements in materials and technology make the process easier and offer a solution to landlocked regions or areas stricken by natural disaster.

Queen of homemaking Martha Stewart stops by TODAY to share tips from her latest book “The Martha Manual: How to Do (Almost) Everything.” Martha demonstrates how to wallpaper a wall, change a seat cushion and more.

Our reliance on photographs to record events may be causing us to both lose memory and distort the way we see ourselves.

Updating education, rethinking benefits and greater employee flexibility are just three of the ways we should rethink work for the 21st-century, says the founder of Upwork.