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Our Consumer Protection Help Line staff answered 154,000 calls from people just like you last year and helped them recover millions in claims and premium payments.

With coral reefs across the globe in crisis, communities are working with scientists to protect the ocean ecosystems.

For young people, learning to be optimistic may be the best defence against rising automation, job uncertainty and geopolitical instability.

Despite machines becoming more intelligent, reasoning tests show that AI still has a long way to go to gain general intelligence.

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Here are some things to know about deductibles when deciding what policy to buy.

When faith or identity are used to sell services and goods, it can either promote diversity or increase differences. That's why inclusiveness is key.

While Texas is the second most populous state in the U.S. with over 28 million people, it currently ranks 8th in the country for hit and run crashes.

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A San Francisco judge allowed hundreds of Roundup lawsuits to proceed to trial. Active chemical glyphosate is at the center of the Roundup lawsuit.

Yes. The state of Texas requires all drivers – including motorcyclists – to prove financial responsibility for any accidents they may cause. In most cases this means buying a basic liability insurance policy.

Adding some simple wood trim to the walls of the foyer makes a BIG difference! And it was only $15 and some paint!

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AUSTIN - Summer is one of the busiest times at driver license offices statewide, and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is reminding all customers seeking a Commercial Driver License (CDL) to begin the process as early as possible

A couple having their bathroom renovated shared a photo of a hilarious message from 1995 written by the previous owners.

LEGO creators and appreciators gathered at the El Tropicano hotel over the weekend for a convention to celebrate and share the brand's creations.

Legally, schools have a duty to help stop and prevent bullying but they don't always act on it. Learn more about bullying and the law.