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In a new study, two people could grab and drop objects with the robotic arm, just by trying to control their missing limbs.

The Japanese population grew exponentially in the 20th century, from around 40 million to 127 million.

A Father to a now 3 year old daughter, to pass the evenings away he would make up stories, and only recently started to write them down.
These stories are suitable for babies and toddlers, and will also give the parents a laugh too. With the added bonus of all being short 10-30 pages long so the little ones don't lose interest.

Breastfeeding my baby boy, Jamie, was tough. But even though it was a lot of responsibility, nursing was easier in many ways than feeding a toddler. When we...

* This post was written by an outside pediatrician, not by BabyCenter. Please consult your pediatrician with any food allergy questions you have regarding yo...

Despite medical advances, we have 'hit a wall' for life expectancy, a new study finds.

Find out the most popular names in 2018 -- among the U.S. population and BabyCenter parents.

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Some medical symptoms are warnings that you need immediate care. WebMD describes how to recognize these six.