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There is a growing consensus that carbon pricing - charging for the carbon content of fossil fuels or their emissions - is the single most effective mitigation instrument, writes Christine Lagarde.

There's a dizzying amount of science to keep up with when you're a parent, and now you can add the weighing the benefits of silicone toothbrushes to the list. But are silicone toothbrushes worth the hype? And more importantly, are they worthy of…

In the infant and toddler years, playing with food is something that should be encouraged, not criticized.

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If you have experienced a psychotic episode within 6 months of giving birth in the past 10 years and are over 18, you could help us understand this rare illness

What will be the most popular baby names next year? See our best guesses.

Eating together results in happier, healthier kids. Here are 5 easy ways to include your baby.

Possibly it's because they have a runny nose for 48 months at a time, but kids don't understand sick. When they see symptoms that signal you're one step away from death, a single thought goes through their little noggins: dog pile. At least, Stella and Theo were piling on me last week when I...

With a family history of eczema, allergies, and autoimmune disorders, I knew my baby needed all the help she could get.

Why some women crave strange food during pregnancy and what to do about it

Separations have declined by 18% over the past decade, and it's mostly down to the younger generation's approach to marriage.

Find out which signs mean your baby could be teething, and why it's sometimes hard to tell whether a new tooth is really the culprit.

Baby bottle tooth cavities affect the visible surface of the front teeth starting with upper incisors and then spreading to the canines, lower incisors and molars.

Whether your little cherub is due near Valentine's Day or you're just a sucker for all things valentine, a love-filled baby name could be the perfect fit.

Investment in green, efficient urban centres is central to China's long-term plans for growth.

More than 400 million parents trust BabyCenter for expert information and a strong parent community. Download our free mobile apps to get help whenever you need it! Install the free BabyCenter pregnancy and baby app today!   Let our beautifully designed, award-winning app be...

Without significant shifts in policy, about 480 million people - some 6 percent of the world - will remain in extreme poverty in 2030.

Marx called it the 'opium of the people', whilst Freud believed religion was tied up with our childhood need for security and forgiveness. But can our psychology explain faith?

In a new study, two people could grab and drop objects with the robotic arm, just by trying to control their missing limbs.

The Japanese population grew exponentially in the 20th century, from around 40 million to 127 million.