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From research on climate action, to health and wellbeing and gender equality, this is how the world's universities are furthering the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

SIGNAL represents the latest iteration of 'war games', which have been used throughout history to inform military strategy and tactics.

Starbucks plans to open one store every 15 hours across China, but Luckin has plans to be even faster.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Another brand of sleeping rockers is being recalled, after five infants died in them over the past seven years. Kids II said Friday that it is recalling nearly 700,000 rocking sleepers that were sold since 2012 at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. It comes just two weeks after Fisher-Price recalled about 4. 7 million of its similar Rock 'n Play sleepers in which more than 30 babies died over a decade.

CDC researchers identified campylobacter, a bacteria most often found in chicken, raw milk and contaminated water, as the No. 1 cause of bacterial foodborne illness since 2013.

At least 156 people in 10 states have been infected with E. coli after eating tainted ground beef at home and in restaurants, federal officials said.

Severe thunderstorms rumbled across North Texas, the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas, producing several tornadoes and unleashing widespread hail.

Inadequate security lawsuits hinge on a business or property owner being aware of security risks that exist on their property but fail to address dangers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is asking customers to stop using a Fisher-Price baby sleeper if their children are able to roll over because several infants have died.

More than 10 tons of frozen beef that was shipped to schools nationwide has been recalled due to the possibility of it containing purple plastic, according to officials.

After a severe workplace injury kept him from returning to his previous role, Shawn Harmon used his settlement money to further his education.

After reports of seizures after vaping, the US Food and Drug Administration is alerting the public to a potential new risk and calling for people to come forward with cases the agency might not know about.

Drunk driving checkpoints allow police to catch impaired drivers. But, the Waze app allows drivers to circumvent DUI checkpoints by sharing their location.

ICE's documentation failures, overloaded courts and lack of attorney representation for defendants play a major role in the lives of the wrongfully deported

AUSTIN - The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has added Rodrigo Flores, 34, to the Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list, and a cash reward up to $7,500 is now being offered for information leading to his capture

Bayer stock plunged more than 10 percent Wednesday and the company faces more lawsuits tied to allegations of cancer-causing chemicals.

Study is published as jurors deliberate in the US Roundup cancer litigation

With a family history of eczema, allergies, and autoimmune disorders, I knew my baby needed all the help she could get.

Whether this will be your first time filing single, or your first time filing taxes at all, there are a few things you should be aware of for tax season.

The government hopes to protect Indonesia's marine biodiversity for future generations using public, private and community support to help remove plastic from the country's waterways.

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An observational study on hormone replacement therapy in nearly 85,000 postmenopausal Finnish women found that those on such therapy had a very small increased risk for Alzheimer's, especially when using combination hormones long-term. Some experts say that younger women facing menopause should not use the findings to make any decisions or changes in their use of HRT.

The latest round of talks has broken down after disagreements over sanctions.

Seeing a chiropractor after experiencing a personal injury has a number of benefits for both your healing process and your lawsuit.

IBM is working on a new process - named VolCat - to separate dirty plastic containers, fabrics and more into recyclable materials.

The items you return end up in stores' bargain corner to be sold again - for the same value as your store credit.

Whether your little cherub is due near Valentine's Day or you're just a sucker for all things valentine, a love-filled baby name could be the perfect fit.

Ford Motor Company has issued three separate recalls in North America for various issues that affect more than 1.5 million vehicles. 

Tip of the WeekYou speak to your kids daily about the risks of texting and driving. When was the last time you sat them down and talked tires?According to

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Pick your perfect interior colors or develop your own interior color scheme with these online color generators.

A Texas man died of a massive stroke after the e-cigarette he was using exploded and tore his carotid artery.

Brexit is draining the UK's ability to focus on other issues, including the ability of business to invest in new technologies and skills that will transform all our lives, writes the Chief Economist for the Chamber of British Industry.

For too long, the value of economic activity has been measured purely by its price. We need to recognize that value is created collectively by business, government and civil society.

The probe's tasks include astronomical observation, surveying the moon’s terrain and analyzing mineral make-up.

We should be on the defensive at all times to protect ourselves against the uncontrolled driving of those who are under the influence of alcohol.