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M. Knisler has planted seven trees in the past week - why - well not even his wife, Natalie, knows.

Joel Maimon lamented that drivers on the H-1 seem to consider the posted speed limits as merely a suggestion, and that many, if not most, drivers go much faster (“Speed limits on H-1 ignored by drivers,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, May 21). He’s obviously a person for whom following the law is important, and taking a little extra time to get where he’s going is just fine.

The (cowardly) local male who beat the innocent Japanese visitor and choked his wife unconscious in a Kakaako public restroom gets away with probation? Are you kidding me?

It’s unfortunate that two high-profile assault cases ended with the criminals being given probation and no jail time.

So many lies told by abortion providers: Their motive is money. So many lies told by racists and population-control advocates: They say the “wrong people” are having babies (Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood).

More than two weeks after she disappeared while hiking, Haiku resident Amanda Eller was found alive this afternoon within the Makawao Forest Reserve.

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has a conservative majority that appears inclined to consider an overhaul or even reversal of Roe v. Wade, efforts to ratchet back women’s reproductive rights are moving forward on judicial as well as legislative and administrative tracks. The multipronged affront is troubling, and should be fended off with considerable vigor.

Question: I read that the city is doing a survey about which Honolulu views to preserve. First, why do we have to choose? Protect them all! Second, this survey is only online. What about those of us who don’t have a computer or smartphone? I would like to express my opinion!

The Hawaii Bowl is returning to its traditional Christmas Eve slot and could also recast a popular matchup.

Nineteen-year-old pitcher Carter Stewart is soon to become known for more than being a 6-foot, 6-inch right-hander with a blur of a mid-90s mph fastball and a diabolical curve.

Eight former and current members of the Honolulu Police Department testified today during the third day of the federal conspiracy trial of retired Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife Katherine Kealoha, a former deputy city prosecutor.

More than a year after requesting detailed financial
information from the Department of Education, the Education Institute of Hawaii has retained an attorney to obtain that data.

Honolulu became the 11th city airport in the nation to offer service on “superjumbo” jets when All Nippon Airways began service today on its 520-seat A380s, the world’s largest wide-body passenger jetliner.

WASHINGTON >> President Donald Trump’s order allowing Attorney General William P. Barr to declassify any intelligence that sparked the opening of the Russia investigation sets up a potential confrontation with the CIA, including over the possible implications for a person close to President Vladimir Putin of Russia who provided information to the CIA about his involvement in Moscow’s 2016 election interference.

With themes as diverse as disruption, economics and blood, here are five books Bill Gates is packing in his suitcase this summer.

Fertility hit a record low in 2018, according to the general fertility rate and the total fertility rate.