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Recent advances make 3D printing a powerful competitor to conventional mass production

With carefully placed outdoor lights, you can enjoy the ambiance of your garden into the evening.

Today's 20-something tech wizards might not worry about the challenges of old age -- but they should. Seniors represent a huge untapped market for tech..

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, healthcare IoT, industrial IoT, and wearables are some of the topics of conversation about where the Internet of Things is headed in 2017.

To address the world's incoming senior citizens, IBM is developing a robot that can help the elderly live alone without sacrificing safety.

Experiencing Mars is now just a matter of donning a mixed reality tool developed by Microsoft and Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists. The tool will allow guests to experience the surroundings of the Red Planet in the new exhibit 'Destination: Mars.'

Researchers test ways for robots to perform complex tasks by downloading what others have learned.

Outdoor parties are inherently fun, but a little prep work goes a long way toward making sure the event doesn't fizzle. Here's your checklist.

The global tooling industry is the largest horizontal industry, sustaining every major vertical industrial manufacturing sector. Since manufacturing and tooling are highly interdependent, none of them would ever be as productive without its support.

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