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Expect the same ride but with a new aesthetic. It releases December 20 in select countries.

After being pulled over for driving at 90 mph, a man tried to blame his speeding on the fact that he was listening to Mötley Crüe's "Kickstart My Heart."

Pain on Fire discovered their recent promotional photoshoot was marred by a pleasant grin from their drummer.

Applications Accepted Now through April 15, 2019
BATON ROUGE, La.- The Louisiana Department of Education's Division of Nutrition Support is now accepting applications from eligible agencies and organizations to serve as sponsors and program sites for the 2019 Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), which provides healthy meals to children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, during the summer…

Special limited edition colored vinyl release coming to Metallica.com, the UK/EU Shop & Independent Retail on February 1, 2019. Pre-order now at smart...

Get the latest viral stories daily! Like us: When it’s time for a new haircut, your hairdresser will inevitably ask your opinion about any particular style you want for your hair. This man in Beijing, China was prepared for this important question and came armed with an image of the particular hairstyle he liked but […]

With so many options, it’s challenging for a homeowner to decide what’s hot and what’s not for the most important room in the house - the kitchen. Fortunately, Acme Brick has a few ideas that will give you some food for thought
As recently as the early 20th century, when Acme Brick was just getting started, cooking activities were decidedly unappetizing and even dangerous. As a result, kitchens were not a part of the main house. Later, the kitchens were moved inside, but…

We know what urine is supposed to look like, but what could it mean if it changes? And should you be worried? Here is a list to tell you exactly that!

Your tooth is lost, or your wire is broken! Dental dilemmas happen all the time. How do YOU fix them?

Installing a hitch opens up the possibilities of what you can do with your car. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time on outdoor activities.

The Calcasieu Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, in consultation with Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso, has issued an emergency declaration to close the Calcasieu River to all recreational boat traffic beginning at 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 4
An emergency declaration means emergency plans have been activated
The declaration prohibits all recreational boat traffic along the Calcasieu River, English Bayou and areas north of…

Reaching up California's coastline and into its valleys north of San Francisco, the North Coast AVA includes six counties: Marin, Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake. While Napa and Sonoma enjoy most of the glory, the rest produce no shortage of quality wines in an intriguing and diverse range of styles
Climbing up the state's rugged coastline, the chilly Marin County, just above the City and most of Sonoma County, as well as Mendocino County on the far north end of the North…

Official Black Box video "Everybody Everybody" Release 1990 NOTE: The Lady in the video is not the actual Singer, she is lip-syncing "Superbest" Album Out No...

Whether there's a link between prostate cancer and alcohol consumption has been widely speculated. Here's what you need to know.

Give Christy a call for your next vehicle purchase. Such a sweet person & very easy to work with. She helped me get exactly what I wanted.

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Register your group and raise money. Fill out the form, print your cards or pick them up, and distribute them. Earn $10 for every card redeemed.

An education blog with strategies, tips and information for teachers about teaching students with disabilities in the inclusive classroom.

No one likes a trip to the dentist, so why not take care of your teeth before any problems arise? Nutrition is a major part of maintaining a healthy set of teeth, and the type of food and drink you consume can either accelerate or delay tooth decay. Here are some tips to ensure you maintain healthy teeth so you can continue to smile confidently.

Did you know that Southwest Louisiana hosts the second largest Mardi Gras in Louisiana? After Twelfth Night, laissez les bons temps rouler, as the Mardi Gras celebration and festivities pack the calendar until Fat Tuesday on March 5.

Last chance for live Real Estate CE in 2018
The following is all live CE classes scheduled for the remainder of 2018, and you'll find links to the online courses below the live schedule.
License Renewal: You may submit your license renewal before completing your CE courses and before they're posted on the LREC website as long as all required courses are completed before December 31st at midnight.
If you prefer online CE, don't forget about both of our $55 12-hour Packages!

Learn about a traditional New Year's Day menu with cornbread, mustard greens, and black-eyed peas. These foods are said to bring good luck in the new year.

Sparkling wine is a beverage that brings to mind several thoughts - celebration, success, luxury, love and romance. These pleasant associations seem to be as strong now as they ever were. And because the wine is offered with different levels of sweetness, menu planners use the wine as an aperitif or a versatile accompaniment to a variety of foods such as salty nuts and cheese, lightly-spiced…