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Written by: Andrea Lynn A step is eliminated by putting uncooked ground turkey directly into the slow cooker, instead of browning it beforehand. Also, if you like a little spice in your chili but want to tame it down for your kids’ benefit, puree a can of chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. Stir a teaspoon

By Katie Serbinski, MS, RD Once Halloween comes and goes, parents often are reminded it’s not just the spooky holiday that presents our children (and us) with sugary treats. The reality is that many celebrations from October through the New Year are accompanied by sugar, sugar and more sugar. It’s the

A public temper tantrum—it’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They can be frustrating, embarrassing, unexpected… and are completely normal. In order to manage a tantrum, it is important to try to understand the cause. This can be difficult because they

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Miami Beach, Florida – The Drivers with bad credit are not necessarily bad drivers. However the Miami Car Insurance Companies have been known to increase rates for drivers with bad credit. With that being said Drivers with Bad credit think that it will be a significant challenge to get cheaper car insurance. We will provide some hints for tracking down car insurance for Motorists with bad credit. Florida Car Owners can explore online to begin…

A family caregiver recognizes her senior mother is grieving the impending end of her life, and considers how she can provide comfort

Looking for safer, slower San Diego and La Mesa yoga classes? A Gentle Way Yoga Center offers over 30 weekly yoga classes!

"I fell in love with Cynthia's voice many years ago when using her CD's to learn Sanskrit. In addition to her beautiful voice, Cynthia is a Master Teacher that will not only help you become more comfortable with the language of Sanskrit, but also take the mystery out of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, help you find your unique yoga voice, and teach you ways to weave this magical language into your classes without scaring new students off. She can help anyone take…

A Gentle Way Yoga Center in La Mesa is one of the oldest Yoga Centers in San Diego County. We offer yoga workshops for yoga teachers and students alike.

Learn about the five common sources of guilt as well as tips on where to focus your thoughts and energy to help eliminate feelings of guilt and take positive actions that can lead to reduced stress.

Twin Hill also said union's comments have been 'inaccurate and damaging' to its reputation.

From school to church to boutique inn, this property is a lesson in reimagining a space.

Find out where you can chug a hefty stein of lager, chow down on a Bratwurst and oom-pah-pah to your heart's content at Oktoberfests in San Diego County.

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