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His insights include strategies for reducing stress, avoiding confrontations
and finding positive energy no matter where you go.

Sungwong Choi is a senior at Princeton University where he studies molecular biology, or life at the smallest scale. But he recently experienced a transformation of sorts outside the classroom when he needed a ride to Walmart and stumbled upon a new car rental industry trend.

A new study reveals the most trusted travel company in the world. You'll never guess it. The research, conducted by the non-profit Values Institute, ranked 43 businesses in 8 key categories, including airlines, appliances, hotels, mobile, online streaming, and retail.

Cortera, which is a Boca Raton, Fla.-based provider of three main aspects which includes the business information, analytics and workflow solutions, raised $10m in Series B funding.

Tips For A Speedy Website Once you have designed and published a website, you want to direct maximum traffic to your content. You most definitely want to If your page load speed takes longer than three seconds to load, it may be time to make some improvements for a better customer experience.

Social Media Manager Julie Jenkins shares how Stanford Children's Health told patient stories through the opening of their new hospital. Health's Blog >> Children's Healthcare of Atlanta raised over $1,600 for their donor-funded therapy dog program using Facebook's donation function on a recent post about a young cystic fibrosis patient, Michael, and the incredible dog who saved his life. Facebook >> PIH Health continued their…

Episode 16. For businesses, the opportunities for the use of artificial intelligence in marketing has really skyrocketed. How is your business planning on making use of this technology this year or next?

E-mail marketing ebbs and wanes in popularity, but it is still among the most important B2B marketing communications channels. One of the most popular E-mail marketing ebbs and wanes in popularity, but it is still among the most important marketing communications channel for B2B.

Education and information about recreational water illnesses (RWI), including the basics of RWI's, why chlorine does not kill RWI germs, RWI prevention and health promotion materials, diarrheal illness, and germs commonly causing RWI (such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Shigella, norovirus and E. coli O157:H7). This page also includes information on recreational water illnesses for aquatics staff, public health professionals, pediatricians, and healthcare professionals.