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Asylum seekers are often portrayed as law breakers who must be prosecuted and punished for coming to the United States. However, it is legal to seek asylum.

Episode 9. An in-depth review of the pros, cons and alternatives to Google analytics that will be sure to provide businesses of all sizes the data they need to make critical business decisions.

Immigrant parents sue Trump administration over shutdown of refugee program for Central American minors

We recommend using tapeless inserts in conjunction with your choice of putty, which allows you to make molds of your most popular pieces so that you no longer have to mask them off. Masking off the substrate you are getting ready to blast can take a good chunk of the total time it takes to prep the piece; this system saves our etchers many hours of prep work.
—Wes Barton, IKONICS Imaging

Nine West Holdings Inc. received bankruptcy court approval on Monday to sell its namesake women’s fashion business as well as its Bandolino brand to Authentic Brands Group for $340 million in cash, a sum nearly 75 percent higher than the purchaser’s stalking horse bid.

To make your business a success in an overcrowded market, you need to market your business' competitive advantage. Do you know what your competitive advantage is?

Modern payment processors are making hard choices every day about how and when they’ll stand up for users. Whether they comply with or reject a government request for user data and whether they shut down an account or leave it up can have enormous ramifications for what types of speech can thrive...

Your personal information in the wrong hands can be used for fraudulent purposes making safeguarding it imperative in today’s digital world. This podcast gives tips on how to keep yourself safe.

Make Audio Buzzing Disappear
High quality audio is an important part of Audio/Video installation. In some cases, unforeseen ground loops create buzzing and hum noise in an audio system. These noises can vary in intensity and distortion levels, but mostly center around 60 to 120 HZ frequency. When this happens, the difficulty becomes finding the source of the ground loop and eliminating it
Figure 1: SC206-204…

Before you hire, be sure you are aware of these 7 important digital marketing certifications every professional should have.