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In this paper, we present a systematic overview of different endogenous
optimization-based characteristic functions and discuss their properties
Furthermore, we define and analyze in detail a new, $η$-characteristic
function. This characteristic function has a substantial advantage over other
characteristic functions in that it can be obtained with a minimal
computational effort and has a reasonable economic interpretation. In
particular, the new characteristic function can be seen…

The phenomenon of residential segregation was captured by Schelling's famous
segregation model where two types of agents are placed on a grid and an agent
is content with her location if the fraction of her neighbors which have the
same type as her is at least $τ$, for some $0

Coverage functions are an important subclass of submodular functions, finding
applications in machine learning, game theory, social networks, and facility
location. We study the complexity of partial function extension to coverage
functions. That is, given a partial function consisting of a family of subsets
of $[m]$ and a value at each point, does there exist a coverage function
defined on all subsets of $[m]$ that extends…

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We propose a novel algorithm for the solution of mean-payoff games that
merges together two seemingly unrelated concepts introduced in the context of
parity games, small progress measures and quasi dominions. We show that the
integration of the two notions can be highly beneficial and significantly
speeds up convergence to the problem solution. Experiments show that the
resulting algorithm performs orders of magnitude better than the…

The fire is out and road is open again.
ALERT: Old Knight Road is closed currently between Forestville Rd. and the Knightdale High School entrance. Knightdale Fire Department is responding to a structure fire. Please use an alternate path.

Please follow the link below to access the Knightdale Town Council meeting agenda for the upcoming 07/17/2019 meeting. Town Council meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Knightdale Town Hall - 950 Steeple Square Ct.

We study information aggregation in networks where agents make binary
decisions (labeled incorrect or correct). We extend our results to other
tree structures, including balanced $M$-ary trees for any $M$.

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