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Please follow the link below to access the Knightdale Town Council meeting agenda for the upcoming 07/17/2019 meeting. Town Council meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Knightdale Town Hall - 950 Steeple Square Ct.

We study information aggregation in networks where agents make binary
decisions (labeled incorrect or correct). We extend our results to other
tree structures, including balanced $M$-ary trees for any $M$.

In this paper, we study the design of deep learning-powered iterative
combinatorial auctions (ICAs). We build on the work by Brero et al. (2018), who
have successfully integrated support vector regression (SVR) into the
preference elicitation algorithm of an ICA. However, their SVR-based approach
also has its limitations because the algorithm requires solving the auction's
winner determination problem (WDP) given predicted value functions. With
expressive kernels…

We study multiplayer reachability games played on a finite directed graph
equipped with target sets, one for each player. In those reachability games, it
is known that there always exists a Nash equilibrium (NE) and a subgame perfect
equilibrium (SPE). But sometimes several equilibria may coexist such that in
one equilibrium no player reaches his target set whereas in another one several
players reach it. It…

Motivated by applications in the security of cyber-physical systems, we pose
the finite blocklength communication problem in the presence of a jammer as a
zero-sum game between the encoder-decoder team and the jammer, by allowing the
communicating team as well as the jammer only locally randomized strategies
The communicating team's problem is non-convex under locally randomized codes
and hence, in general, a minimax theorem need not…

Individual rankings are often aggregated using scoring rules: each position
in each ranking brings a certain score; the total sum of scores determines the
aggregate ranking. We study whether scoring rules can be robust to adding or
deleting particular candidates, as occurs with spoilers in political elections
and with athletes in sports due to doping allegations. In general the result is
negative, but weaker robustness criteria…

In this article we suggest a model of computation for the cake cutting
problem. In this model the mediator can ask the same queries as in the
Robertson-Webb model but he or she can only perform algebraic operations as in
the Blum-Shub-Smale model. All existing algorithms described in the
Robertson-Webb model can be described in this new model.We show that in this
model there exist explicit…

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