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Wizard Island in Crater Lake Trail Map. Courtesy Crater Lake NPS. Discovery Point Trail heads to historic spot No visit to Crater...

If you ask an Oregon resident where is one of your favorite places to visit in the state of Oregon? They will tell you that Crater Lake is on their top 10 list of favorite Oregon places
Crater Lake National Park has been one of the states most visited places for over 100 years, it’s famous for its deep blue color water which has remarkable clarity.
The “crater”, in Crater Lake, was formed about 10,000 Years Ago by the collapse of the volcano…

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Yes, we live in uncertain times. But staying home and hand-wringing won't do you any good. Experiencing the world firsthand will transform you—and could even transform the world in turn. Need convincing? Listen to what these 19 committed travelers have to say about why you should go now, more than ever.

The best outdoor Instagrams from the U.S. Department of the Interior.

We share 8 reasons why yoga is so good for you, from increasing your flexibility to helping you lose weight. Plus our top 10 luxury yoga holidays.