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"LIVE" 2018 Leggz Dance Academy 30th Anniversary Dance Recital Bob Carr Auditorium, Orlando, Florida

Summertime is a great time to start dance/tumbling classes! Since it is a short session, (only 7 weeks), it's perfect for trying several d ifferent styles to see which you enjoy the most.
For the seasoned dancer, Summer is a great time to improve your dance skills.
The summer schedule is available now, and unlike during the year, we will pro-rate the tuition if you know you will miss a class or two due to vacation.

Browse through our selection of beer and wine at Broadway Pizza Bar in Kissimmee! Sip back and relax at Kissimmee's FL finest pizzeria restaurant.

This webinar provides a basic foundation for inclusive dance practice when working with children and young people. You will explore the meaning of inclusive practice and ways to ensure that all participants are fully included and empowered in your sessions.
This online activity is worth 1 hour of Time-Valued CPD.
For more information please visit:

The Historical Health Exhibit Opening Reception is FREE to the general public on November 2, 2017 from 5:30PM - 7:30PM

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Join the Osceola County Historical Society on a 45 thrilling minutes spirited, Twilight Ghost Tour of Downtown Kissimmee.

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In honor of turning 21 this year, choose from 5 different Legendary Island Cocktails with specialty drinks all week long. Celebrate our bday with us!

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