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3/9/17, AP: "President Donald Trump was not aware that his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had worked to further the interests of the government of Turkey before appointing him, the White House said Thursday." Here is a selection of published reports from November and December detailing Flynn's lobbying on behalf of Turkish interests before Flynn was appointed.

A Minnesota family happily waits out arctic winter temps in an upbeat home where HGTV Magazine saw energizing colors pop up in every room.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is in the crosshairs of the White House.

Big news: President Obama just proposed making two years of community college free for anyone who's willing to work for it. #FreeCommunityCollege

The Trump administration is a nepotistic operation that puts family interests ahead of country.

Decorated by Michael S. Smith for the Obamas, the White House’s private quarters are as worldly and relaxed as the family that calls them home

The president got off to a rip-roaring start, ripping up environmental protections and roaring falsehoods to anyone who would listen.

Some fourth graders in New Hampshire reached back into presidential history to name the red-tailed hawk who has taken up residence on the White House grounds. He's been dubbed Lincoln the Hawk. President

A federal agency is calling on the president to raise the asset limit imposed on people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income for the first time in decades.

The measure, which could delay implementation of new lending rules, will be debated this week on the House floor.

After their first face-to-face meeting, President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump pledged to work together.

This afternoon, President Obama will host the sixth and final White House Science Fair of his Administration.

Sixto Cancel spent the entirety of his childhood in foster care. The bureaucracy and inflexibility of a system designed to protect him instead wreaked havoc on his life and those...

U.S. President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump met on Thursday for the first time, setting aside the deep rancour that dominated the long campaign season to discuss the transition to the Republican's inauguration on Jan. 20.