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Getting into a car accident ranks up there as one of the scariest and most stressful things you might have to deal with. There are on average 6 million car a...

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Over President Trump's objections, a federal judge has said Trump's accounting firm must turn over records pre-dating his presidency. Learn more from FindLaw's DC Circuit Blog.

If you haven't seen Avengers Endgame, this is almost a spoiler alert: Facebook tracking is inevitable. Learn more from FindLaw's Technologist blog.

Environmentalists declared victory over the Trump administration in a lawsuit over non-disclosure of toxic chemicals in homes, schools and workplaces. Learn more from FindLaw's DC Circuit Blog.

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FindLaw's article on Hacking Laws and Punishments. For more information on this and related topics, see FindLaw's section on Cyber Crimes.

Decide Whether the Ticket Is Worth Fighting First off, decide whether it's worth your time to fight a ticket. It's certainly possible, but fighting traffic tickets

Everyone thinks attorneys are expensive, and you know, sometimes they are. But understanding the different ways attorneys charge can help you wrap your head ...

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Tomorrow is National Armed Forces Day, so we're celebrating by looking at the biggest legal issues and questions military members and veterans face, and where they can go for answers. Read more on FindLaw's Law and Daily Life blog.

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San Francisco became the first major city to ban facial recognition technology for surveillance this week, and others are soon to follow. Learn more from FindLaw's California Case Law blog.

Judge April Smith was a busy judge. Unfortunately, she was too busy to do her job. Learn more from FindLaw's Greedy Associates blog.

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