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Overall, the CBI has named 18 individuals under section 120-B read with section 7, 12, 13(2) read with 13(1) D of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

He made this announcement in response to an allegation by the Opposition members that the government was dragging its feet on fulfilling the assurances towards allotting quota to the Maratha community.

Consequent to the internal reorganisation, there were changes in the reportable business segments based on “management approach”.

The component of the fare covering security charge has been unchanged for the past ten years.

Pursuant to a Supreme Court order, Sebi had set up a high-level committee to ensure that refunds are made to the genuine investors after sale of attached PACL assets including vehicles.

Amidst the crash in international prices of skimmed milk powder, farmers in Maharashtra are protesting against the rates offered by the cooperative sector of the state.