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Made in Plymouth, WI, Sargento was first made by putting slices of cheese through a pasta cutter!

Everyone is crunched for time, but spending hours cleaning your house at the last minute is no way to start off the holidays.

Kenosha County Falls Prevention Coalition and safe steps to prevent falls

Preserving traditional style baking and canning using local ingredients and techniques passed down generation to generation.

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by Drew Champlin
Pumps & Systems magazine columnist William Livoti makes his second appearance on the podcast. For reference, check out Episode 3 (click here) as he spoke on common reasons why pump systems are poorly designed
One reason is a lack of a general scope document (GSD) or an inadequate GSD. In this episode, Livoti hits the parts of a GSD, how long a GSD should be, how long it should take to write one and a problem…

Screened-in porches provide a lovely touch to any home, and they’re an excellent way to maximize your outdoor living space. However, many homeowners ask themselves, "How can I comfortably utilize this space year-round?" There are two critical elements you need to consider.

I LOVED scary movies as a child. Looking back it seems strange... like where on earth were my parents... but I remember watching Poltergeist by myself. Like legit all the time. And I was probably seven years old? Possibly younger. When Chad and I started dating, I would drag him to see all the scary movies. And he wasn't a fan. It wasn't until I got pregnant with Max that I could no longer tolerate scary movies. I would end up watching a…

In honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have some tips that might make your next mammogram more comfortable.

Discover the food in Kenosha located in between Chicago and Milwaukee on the coast of Lake Michigan this offers a wealth of interesting features.

Embrace the fall season head-on by trying your hand at a new DIY project. Interested? Here are some great DIY projects that are easy enough for everyone in the family to help out with.

We took the great taste of pumpkin cheesecake & gave it an ice cream upgrade, complete with a complementary graham cracker swirl, so it's more than just a great flavor: it's a first-class ticket to pumpkin wonderful.

This post is in collaboration with Jockey. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.
Before I jump into today's post which is DEFINITELY a fun change-up haha.. I want to give a big shout-out to my husband Chad. It took him a while to get on board with this blogger thing, and fast forward three years later and he's posing in his undies. Did you know that I can be very persuasive when I want to be? ha! Well now you know. ;)

Cold and Flu: Top 10 items for your pharmacy shopping list. Stocking up on supplies to get you through cold and flu season? Here are the top 10 items to buy

Jockey just released new thong styles and they're the most comfortable underwear ever! Find out more about the new launches and get a pair at SheFinds

LiveAbode™ is a home exterior design inspiration magazine written by the style experts at Royal Building Products

Y’all, Calderwood Cottage is finished and on the market! Before Remember what it looked like when we bought it? We bought it on auction and didn’t know what we were getting into. It was way more work than we planned or imagined. We worked a lot of long, looooong days (and late nights) and put …

When I started my very first job, my parents had to sign off on the permit I acquired through my high school—that puts...

Lionel's catalogs are the ultimate destination for model train collectors. Browse the history of Lionel Trains catalogs, with beautiful high-res images.

Dynamatic® is an application-engineering and drives-manufacturing company specializing in Eddy Current electromagnetic drive technology solutions.

Changing the color scheme of your home's exterior is one of the quickest ways to give your house a face-lift, whether you're preparing to