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Brookdale Senior Living News provides news and perspectives about the senior living company and serves as a resource for reporters as well as informational blogs and news stories geared toward associates, residents and future residents.

The 2019 French Open Tournament is upon us, and it should be another exciting event. This is one of the four grand slam tournaments on the tennis circuit, and is the only one that is played on clay…

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Residents at Avamere have a unique way of getting in their exercise. They combine laughter and yoga.

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So happy to announce that our 2016 introduction “Enraptured” captured the 3rd Confindustria of Florence Prize and Antonio Del Campana Prize for the Best Late Variety in Florence this ye…

This filling, warming soup is perfect for lunch. It tastes so good that we enjoyed it very much the second day as it is so very yummy.

Our modern sleep patterns are very different to those of our ancestors, so is eight hours of unbroken sleep a night the right model?

Engagement Rings are a true symbol of love. Explore engagement ring stones and engagement ring styles to find the perfect ring for you.

Peak iris bloom season is approaching here at Schreiner’s Iris Gardens 10-acre display garden in Salem, Oregon. Open to the public through May 31.

This video shows where to find the wiring schematic for your appliance and what the lines and symbols on the wiring diagram mean so you can figure out the problem and buy the right part to fix the problem.

The carnival at the Oregon State Fair promises to be as fun and thrilling as ever, thanks to the professional efforts of Rainier Amusements of Portland. Their awesome collection of rides and games—including seven new rides—is a big reason why so many people make plans to attend the fair. Of the 48 rides scheduled to appear this year, six are what we call spectaculars—rides that can raise the hair on your arms. They include the Giant Wheel, the Artic Blast, the Wave Swinger…

Suicide — Learn what to do when someone you know is considering suicide.

Good for your health, good for your wallet and good for the environment. Cycling as a mode of transport has a lot going for it.

Last day to add with instructor approval 10/05/2018 Add to Calendar
Last day to pay account balance in full or enroll in the payment plan and pay 1st installment to avoid $100 late fee 10/06/2018 Add to Calendar
Last day to drop without a "W" withdraw on academic record 10/07/2018 Add to Calendar
Last day to waive student health insurance 10/07/2018 Add to Calendar
Last day to drop with 70% refund 10/07/2018 Add to Calendar
Last day to adjust enrollment for financial aid…

New Harvest's Isha Datar on lab-grown animal products and her favourite inflight meal.

China is projected to account for 35% of the global protein market by 2025, growing at a rate of 3 to 4% each year. No wonder it's ripe for growth in meat alternatives.

If your evergreen content is forgettable, being “timeless” is pretty pointless. It's time we redefine evergreen content. It's time we make it memorable.

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15 reviews of Schreiner's Iris Gardens "If you haven't visited this garden, then I really must insist, go! Go in mid-May when the irises are in full bloom. I promise
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Address : 3625 Quinaby Rd NE, Salem, OR 97303
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Want to keep HVAC system heating and cooling season after season? From condenser clearance to filter replacement and temperature settings, these videos show how to keep your HVAC system properly maintained.

More educated and older on average, here are some of the ways American mothers have changed over the recent decades.

A new study focusing on Nobel Laureate economists found two distinct peaks of creative output, but the authors believe the findings transcend disciplines.

New research finds high levels of biodiversity around burial sites and churchyards that are meaningful to humans.

Those hoping to use smart home tech for aging in place should consider these best practices to make informed decisions that benefit the user experience.

For ADA & BLACK SECTION Please use the SECTION DROPDOWN Please call 503-931-3451 if you need assistance purchasing ADA seating Please call 1-800-514-3849 if you need assistance purchasing Reserved VIP seating

Games and role play can be a powerful tool for solving real-world problems – like our current inertia over the environment.