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A well-constructed pool table is an heirloom-quality purchase on the level of a baby grand piano or grandfather clock. Use this buyers guide to educate...

Dad's teach their children so much. My dad taught me how to plumb, how to be a great father and husband. He also taught me how to have fun! Thank you, Dad
With the extreme heat in Kansas City, you'll want to take extra care of your air conditioner.
Here is something YOU can do in about 30 minutes to help your AC keep up with the heat.
Win a NASCAR Racing Experience for Dad!
To celebrate Father's Day, we're giving one lucky…

A big cheddar with big flavor.
After being expertly crafted by the cheese makers at Hemme Brothers Creamery in Sweet Springs Missouri, we get these 40 pound block cheddars when they are just a couple days old:
Cow's milk from Hemme Brothers own herd.
Thin natural rind.
Tangy, savory notes of brown butter and getting more complex and earthy at the rind.
Good on your next cheese board or even great on a burger!

Thank you, Kansas City
35 years ago, my wife, Teresa and I decided to go for it. I grew up plumbing with my dad and brothers and was ready to start a venture of my own. With my lovely bride by my side, I never doubted our success.
Superior customer service is what helped get us off the ground and is what has kept us growing since. When you dedicate your life to helping others, excellent customer service has to be at the…

Live your best life this weekend with festival food, music, dance and song from Eastern Europe.

Background Cardiovascular (CV) risk is high in children with chronic kidney disease (CKD), and further compounded in those who are overweight. Children with CKD have a unique body habitus not...

A new category of publishers has arrived: “social-first” publishers or “distributed” publishers. These content creators, like Tasty, NowThis, and Gamology (a gaming brand under my company Keli Network) are changing the scope of publishing. They create content designed for, and exclusively distributed on, social media. With a mix of creativity and foresight they are reshaping …

Famous Kansas City homeboys Paul Rudd, Eric Stonestreet, Rob Riggle and David Koechner return to kick off the ninth Big Slick Celebrity Weekend to benefit the pediatric cancer center at Children's Mercy hospital.

At the Big Slick softball game at Kauffman Stadium, hosts Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, Eric Stonestreet and David Koechner and their celebrity guests braved the heat and brought publicity to their fundraiser for Children's Mercy hospital.

It’s that time of year again when you should think about getting your HVAC system checked to make sure they will be ready for the summer months, but what about the rest of your home? A Service Partner Agreement for your AC and Furnace, your plumbing, and your electrical system may be the answer.

Check out our picks for the best TVs under $1,000 to enjoy top-shelf features like 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, and gorgeous image processing. Park yourself here to find the absolute best value in TV land before you go ahead and spend more than you really want or need to.

Searching for Plumber Jobs & HVAC Technician Jobs & Career Opportunities in Kansas City? Apply to Bob Hamilton today!

Mason Payne is athletic and competitive, charming and sweet and seven years old when he suffered a stroke. The collaboration between Children's Mercy and The University of Kansas Health System resulted in the lifesaving care Mason needed.

[Every May 16th] If you were a comic book fan as a kid, or a science buff, you may remember these ads existing in your favorite magazine or catalog. They were...

by Abby Eden
Kidney disease can be devastating for patients and their families. Often times it means families need to make regular hospital visits for dialysis treatments for years, even a lifetime. But a unique program at Children's Mercy allows for pediatric patients to live a more normal life.
Ayesha Dunlap was born with kidney failure,...

[Every May 6th] What would our lives be without beverages? Even assuming we could survive without drinking anything, could you imagine a world without milk to...

With the help of some amazing volunteers and some community donors, Children's Mercy put on our first Prom for our patients.

Pro-Poxy™ 500 is a 2-component epoxy system used to anchor threaded rod or reinforcing bar into concrete, offered by Unitex® by Dayton Superior. The product ...

Segment 1: How trauma and abuse in childhood can mean a lifetime of illness. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris had already established herself as a provider of care

V Shakhnovich et al. J Pediatr 2018; 193: 102-8. Using pharmocokinetic data from 41 obese children (6-17 years), the authors conclude that lean body weight dosing of pantoprazole led to pantoprazol…

Tami Hughes' Monday morning is harder than yours.Or maybe not, if you have young children in Jefferson City.