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Our experienced travel professionals around the globe have the skills to expertly address the uncommon needs and special destination requirements humanitarian aid workers might need. They understand the world you work in, and can handle your extremely urgent travel needs.

Here are 4 lists about the great humanitarians of today and the past. They work every day to make the world a better place. They are our true heroes.

Economic, social and political pressures will ensure the world becomes carbon-neutral by 2050, but strong leadership is needed to stop the transition costing the earth.

To be a success in the future, entrepreneurs should take a different approach today, says Le Hong Minh, the co-founder of VNG, Viet Nam's first billion-dollar start-up.

Being kind boosts your mood and in turn can make you more kind, according to research.

Partnerships between banks and public bodies are the only way to stop criminals moving their ill-gotten gains.

Human rights are standards that are essential to the full development of individuals and communities. They allow all people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice and peace.

Hungry for Life is a faith-based organization which envisions a world, transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering for those most vulnerable.

The RoboArt gallery has hosted an art competition for robots and AI for the third year in a row.

Eager to show off their progress with autonomous cars and perhaps do some early consumer softening as well, Daimler and Bosch previewed car-to-pedestrian communications. A Mercedes Benz S Class with a full load of sensors seems to wink at a pedestrian by blinking one headlamp on a closed test course.

Even with the best intentions, civil society organizations using new technologies cannot guarantee a positive impact for the communities they serve.

Shakespeare's Pub just added Amarillo Sunrise by Brewery Vivant, a IPA - American, rated 3.783 on Untappd to their menu

HOMETOWN Caledonia, Michigan EDUCATION Western Michigan University Chemical Engineering Major; Biology Minor; Life Sciences Focus Expected Graduation: Spring 2019 POSITION Process Engineer Intern HIGH-TECH AND FAST-PACED Industrial consulting firm CRB’s engineers (chemical, mechanical, civil), along with critical utility specialists, and an array of other experts, collaborate to design solutions for…

Unnecessary costs are always unwanted and can be detrimental to humanitarians and their budgets. It is best to spend those resources for your cause and not on fees and penalties.

flowers - Vandersalm's is a local florist located in Kalamazoo, Michigan (MI) providing you with online flower delivery so you can send flowers, gift baskets, floral arrangements, wedding flowers, fruit baskets, cheesecakes and much more anywhere in the country.

A free online tool tracks the economic risks of coal-fired electricity throughout the world, plant by plant. Its data empowers policy-makers, investors and civil society to give the taxpayer and consumer what they want most of all - least-cost energy.

Month of the Divine Infancy... December is also a time for family preparations for Christmas. How are you living out the joyful season of Advent?

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There are still 3 weeks until Christmas. Make the most of your real tree (and make sure it lasts) with these great tips! 1 – Give it a fresh cut on the bottom. This will re-open the tree’s source of getting water. 2 – Keep it away from any heat sources. Being close …

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Psychology explains why we're so vulnerable to misinformation.

Western Michigan University is one of several colleges that have started programs to help foster youth earn degrees