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In a great outpouring of respect, the world came to Washington in December to say goodbye to one of the last century’s great champions of liberal internationalism, President George H. W. Bush. The touching remembrance of a life spent connecting nations reminded us all about the value of international cooperation. However, we have to be … Continue reading Year of the Nationalist →

Immunization should be an essential step in your pre-travel arrangements. Humanitarians travel where help is needed most. Often, this means going to regions that face various health threats that are different from home. Any time that you travel, you should consider this and consult a healthcare professional. The good news is that you probably already …

Ferris State lost a heartbreaking 49-47 game to Valdosta State in the NCAA Division II title game, but one of the touchdowns they scored was something you don't see often in a game.

Only Paul McCartney, Dave Matthews and U2 represented new classic rock in the top 200 albums of 2018.

Dennis DeYoung will bring the music of Styx to Grand Rapids as he is set to perform at 20 Monroe Live in February.

Overall the meeting was a step forward in the fight against climate change, writes Emily Farnworth, head of climate change initiatives at the World Economic Forum.

Which violation is making its first appearance on OSHA’s annual list of most-cited violations? Safety+Health presents the data on OSHA’s “Top 10” for fiscal year 2018. Also: An exclusive Q&A with Patrick Kapust, deputy director of the agency’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs.

As you age, you may notice your eyesight getting weaker. You avoid dimly lit restaurants and the font is as large as it can be on your phone. That’s because your eyes start to struggle with seeing close distances in your mid-40s, especially when you’re on your phone or reading a book or menu. This… Continue Reading 5 Tips for Protecting Your Vision as You Age

UPDATE: Kavien Ray Simon has been found safe, according to police.

So, how does humanitarian group travel look on your CV? It’s an opportunity to show your compassion. But It’s also a personal growth and learning experience

Forests are an ally in the fight against climate change. But deforestation in the Amazon is approaching a tipping point, after which the area will emit more carbon than it stores. Companies, investors and consumers have a responsibility to act.

In short, Duty of Care is the obligation to care for staff and volunteers. There are 2 types of Duty of Care, legal and moral. But when does each apply?

New research suggests that an extended holiday is an important factor in promoting a healthy heart

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.—Bausch + Lomb, a global eye health company, said Wednesday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued 510(k) clearance for Bausch + Lomb Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses. This is the first multifocal toric lens to be available as a standard offering in the eyecare professional's fit set, according to the announcement. The lens is the “most advanced soft contact lens design…

Next Time You Go To A Detroit Sporting Event You May Want To Eat Before You Go

Watoto is a faith-based humanitarian organization that takes a holistic approach to child development. Of course, it is important that women and children in East Africa are being fed. By investing in the lives of these individuals, it is hoped to also give them a bright future. Watoto, Compassion for Orphans In 1984, Canadians Gary …