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Shakespeare's Pub just added Voodoo Ranger IPA by New Belgium Brewing Company, a IPA - American, rated 3.769 on Untappd to their menu

Welcome to the W.E. Upjohn Institute’s interactive database of place-based scholarship (aka “Promise”) programs. These programs are designed to reduce the cost of higher education for a large segment of a community’s young people, thereby transforming not just the lives of these individuals but also the places in which they live and the school districts they attend. (For more on…

Based on photographs available, the J-20 appears to be larger than the U.S. Air Force F-22, which is larger than the F-35. According to aviation journalist Piotr Butowski, the J-20 design “indicates the priority of speed and range over maneuverability.” 1 It appears optimized for a speed of Mach 1.2 to Mach 1.8. The wing area of the J-20 is about 25 percent less than the F-22 , with wing loading almost identical to the F-35 . 2 Apparently, it does not have…

As missiles and insults fly between Washington and Pyongyang, the world seems to be teetering dangerously close to resumption of the Korean War (which, technically, never ended). There has been a lot of analysis about what that war would look like from nuclear detonations to EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) to over 8,000 artillery pieces that target over 25 million residents in Seoul …

Every day in China, tens of millions of food containers, plastic bags, and disposable chopsticks damage the environment.

Nashville, Tennessee (TN), United States 37203-0007
The Associate General Secretary-DHE oversees all functions of the Division of Higher Education and serves as the chief executive and operating officer for the Division; responsible for the vision and work of the Division
Essential Job Functions
1. Administers and oversees the higher education mission and programs mandated by the Book of Discipline including annual operating budget and the three…

The apostle Paul is not generally viewed as a pastor. Teaching, fearless advocate for the faith, traveller, apologist, pioneering church planter, yes—but pastor? As we read Paul's letters, in some part because of our cultural distance, it is easy not to sense that we are encountering Paul the pastor

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KALAMAZOO (WKZO AM/FM) -- The Kalamazoo City Commission will be taking it to the street…or at least to a city park as they move their regularly scheduled meetings on Monday evening to Hays Park, on the city’s south east side.
There will be a community picnic at 5 pm, a regularly scheduled session with neighborhood officials at 6 pm...

Swiss chocolate makers have made ruby chocolate from a new type of cocoa bean.

Securities America recently unveiled the first customizable digital recruiting kit in the financial services industry.

For Rony Delgarde, paint and colors inspire him to help vulnerable families around the world. He founded Global Paint for Charity to recycle leftover paint.

As the storm continues to dump rain on the Gulf Coast and flood waters rise, many organizations are doing vital work to help save lives and give comfort. Here's how you can support those efforts.

In January 2007 BP signed a major exploration and production sharing agreement with the government of Oman for the appraisal and development of Block 61 and the Khazzan and Makarem gas fields.

KALAMAZOO (WKZO-AM/FM) -- An anonymous donor has contributed $500 to establish a fund at Silent Observer to encourage tipsters to report hit-and-run drivers who strike bicyclists.
It was apparently inspired by an incident involving a driver who struck a cyclist in Alamo Township last November and fled the scene.
A check was presented Saturday ...

KALAMAZOO (WKZO AM/FM) -- If there is a lesson to learn from Charlottesville for parents, it’s that they should carefully monitor what their kids do online.
Kalamazoo Pastor Nathan Dannison says Alex Fields Jr., the young man arrested for allegedly driving his car into a group of counter demonstrators, was groomed to be a Nazi online.

There is an old saying in Poland, that the country represents the walls of Christianity. Certainly Jan Sobieski III met this standard in 1683, defeating th

Recent high-quality research suggests that a state government’s “fiscal policies”—its taxes and spending—can have much larger short-run effects on a state’s economy than previously thought. In the short run, a government can significantly increase private-sector jobs in a state by increasing public spending or reducing taxes on households in the bottom 90 percent of the income distribution and paying for it with increased taxes on households…

The following four lists rank the top 100 largest community foundations by asset size, distribution rate, total transactions, and gifts per capita.
Top 100 Foundations by Assets
The following is a listing of the Top 100 Largest Community Foundations in the United States by Total Asset Size, based on Columbus Survey Results.

Do you enjoy helping others reach their full potential? Are you looking for new ways to enhance the learning experiences for students? If so, Kalamazoo Valley Community College may have the ideal opportunity for you
KVCC is seeking writing center tutors starting in the Fall 2017 semester. Tutoring positions will be available at both Anna Whitten Hall and the Texas Township Campus
This position will provide…

Two Hearted Ale Clone All Grain Ingredient Kit
Two Hearted Ale is one of the defining American-style India Pale Ales. This beer is bursting with aromas ranging from pine resins to grapefruit notes from the use of 100% Centennial hops.
Kit Includes:
- (#3) Briess Pale Ale Malt
- (8oz) Briess Caramel 40L
- (5oz) Priming Sugar

Summer is a busy for fairs and festivals all over SW Michigan. There are some unique celebrations and activities just waiting for your family to join in on the fun! Here is a sampling of events that you can find in our community this summer
The annual Air Show and Balloon Fest in Battle Creek is a fun, family event! Featuring firework displays, live music, carnival, kids’ day, and beautiful displays of hot air balloons. One main event in the show is the…

History was made when the Rev. Tikiko Namata Lesuma was ordained and elder during the service of ordination at the 169 th session of the California-Nevada Conference. Lesuma is the first Fijian person to be ordained an elder in The United Methodist Church (UMC). "It's very humbling. I feel so blessed and so privileged to be ordained…It's an opportunity to be able to encourage more Fijian folks to come into leadership in our conference, and the broader church," says Lesuma. "It is God's…