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There is a good deal of knowledge, and more than a little misperception, about the use of variable speed drives (VSDs). The term “variable speed drive” encompasses both variable frequency drives (VFDs) used for controlling AC asynchronous and synchronous motors, and DC variable speed drives for controlling DC motors. In either case, determining if and when to use a drive will be much easier once the…

This piece first appeared on the EWA blog Leonard Ferguson is having the last laugh. A senior at Baltimore County Public Schools’ Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, he’s on track to graduate this spring with both a good job and his continuing education paid for. Ferguson makes $29 an hour working as a […]

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Lisa's review of PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling. I will always call PDM for my plumbing needs. The service and quality is excellent!

Dawn's review of PDM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling. Very friendly serviceman, efficient, and prompt
Also appreciate the prompt call

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Lucien’s 10 Tips for Taking Your Kids into the Woods
Lucien Scott is an All Mountain Ambassador who enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife and two little boys. He’s a Science Educator at the Creative Discovery Museum, a rockstar whitewater paddler and an all-around stoked human being. You can hear more from him on Day Fire Podcast , or check him out on Instagram at @lucien_scott. These are his tried and true methods for having fun with kids outside

Carlinville, Ill.-based Prairie Farms Dairy introduced Premium Small Batch; ice cream blended in small batches and made with simple ingredients, including milk, cream and sugar.

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The line is available in 14-ounce bottles and features never-before-seen flavors.

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You can contribute to the Rialto Square Theatre by making a cash donation, advertising, sponsoring an event, becoming a volunteer or a STAR member and more.
Below are the different ways you can get involved and support one of the most beautiful theaters in the world.

In the last article, we spoke about the requirements-based design and engineering that go into the fabrication of a high-quality, custom-built control panel. Much of this necessarily happens “behind the scenes”, well before a panel is assembled, but when you’re in the process of choosing a panel fabricator all you may have to go on is the “look and feel” of examples being advertised. So, whether…

Engineers at NASA have reinvented the wheel by making a nearly invincible woven-mesh design that "remembers" its ideal shape and springs back into form.

Looking for the next big thing in Chicago business, tech & innovation? @crainschicago #Crain20s 2019 features up-and-comers to watch.

6 Picks from Our Mother’s Day Sale
The Women’s Distance FLZ is an exceptional three-season adventure partner – strong when you aren’t, supportive when you’re bonking and easily adjustable when the terrain calls for adaptability. Now combining Black Diamond’s new SlideLock technology, which makes locking and collapsing the pole even easier, with FlickLock adjustability, the Distance FLZ is a mainstay for hard-hitting mountain athletes. With soft-to-the-touch…

In this in-depth article, we’ll look at some telltale brake warning signs that really shouldn’t be ignored. Here's our list.

Preparing to run (or walk) the Indianapolis Mini Marathon? We know that ice cold chocolate milk at the end is the best part, and not just because it tastes good, but because the science says it’s a fantastic beverage to help your muscles recover after a hard workout. So how should we fuel up the..

Tim Placher has assembled an all-star cast of vocalists and musicians from the area to perform a show April 22, 2019 at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet.

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Experience theater-like sound that’ll blow you away—with the LG SPK8-S rear wireless surround sound kit. These two 70W rear speakers boast powerful audio, pl...

Hendrickson recently made its Lift Axle parts information available through the PLUS+ Parts Look Up System.

Resilient teams can weather the challenges of an ever-changing business environment because they have built these skills.